Take the Plunge And Cut The Cord

You’ve likely heard of people “cutting the cord” and doing away with cable in favor of streaming TV. If you still have cable and have thought about making the switch, you may need a little something to tip you one way or the other. Here are a few great reasons to go ahead and join the masses and stream all your TV shows, movies, and other entertainment content.

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Streaming Is Growing

Because so many people have made the switch to streaming, providers are investing more time and energy into improving that experience. That’s great for those who still have cable because it means they get to enjoy a solid streaming experience with a minimum of muss and fuss. This also means it’s more affordable than ever for you to buy a streaming device or platform and enjoy more of your favorite content. If you find yourself flipping through hundreds of cable channels and feeling like there’s nothing to watch, switching to streaming could change that.

You (Likely) Already Have Internet

Practically every household has an internet provider like Blazing Hog. You can make the most of that by switching to streaming rather than paying for cable. There’s a good chance that you can get multiple streaming services for less than you’re currently paying for cable. That said, you should still keep an eye out for great deals on streaming services, especially as a new customer. You may be able to bundle streaming with other forms of entertainment, like streaming music. Do some research to see what you may be interested in and what will save you the most money.

You Can Save Money

One of the best things about switching to streaming is the amount of money you can save. Ask your friends who stream how much they pay a month and compare that to what you’re paying now. That’s extra money you can save or invest as you see fit. If you have friends willing to let you use their login information for their streaming services, you may not even have to pay for that service. That way, it’s easier for you to put more money into emergency savings, pay down debt, or put money towards retirement. Cutting the cord can be more freeing than you realize.

You Can Still Stream Sports

If your main reason for holding onto your cable is so you can watch your favorite sports teams, you’ll be pleased to know that you can stream sports. The market is going through a bit of a shakeup, which means the TV rights for major sports leagues will soon be up for bid. Keep an eye on the news related to streaming sports so you have a better idea of the latest developments, and so you know when to cut the cord.

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There Are Some Great Shows Available

Studios and networks have fully embraced the possibilities of streaming, and it shows in all the great content available. You’ve likely heard about binge-worthy and innovative shows, but you’ve also probably noticed those shows aren’t available on regular cable. No matter if you have a fear of missing out or are just curious to see how the face of television is changing, there’s never been a better time to make the switch to streaming. You never know how your view of the world, entertainment, or art could change for the better by exploring the possibilities of all the great shows available on streaming services.

Fewer Ads

While not all streaming services are free of ads, there are noticeably fewer of them. Some platforms offer ad-free tiers, but they’re more expensive. Because you’re already used to ads, you may not mind them. On the other hand, being able to watch a show from start to finish without seeing a single ad could change your life for the better.

Do you think you’re ready to cut the cord? Keep the above items in mind as you work on reaching a decision.

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