Taking Care of Your New Boiler

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A boiler breakdown has to be one of the most dreadful things. In fact, it is the last thing that you need! Imagine the expenses that you will accrue. Even just thinking about the cold showers that you will have to survive, will motivate you to spend the last dime in your account. So, to avoid this scenario, you should know how to take care of your new boiler. The right care means that your boiler will have the longest lifespan and will only need replacement when it is at the end of its life. So, to ensure your new boiler is always at its optimum best, here are the best ways to take care of it:

Clean your boiler regularly

Even if your boiler is new, cleaning it regularly will help it work more efficiently. This is exactly what you want, for your boiler to be at its best always. So, you don’t want any dirt slowing it down. The cleaning process is easy; turn off your boiler and wait at least two hours for it to cool down. Once it does, remove the cover and vent sack, to check for the soot to make sure there is not too much of it. Remember, even a thin layer of residue will decrease your boiler’s efficiency. After, scrub the tubes, and wait for them to dry. Finally, reassemble the pieces and turn your boiler back on.

Service, service, service!

Your boiler is new, so why should you service it? Well, there are a few benefits to this. Your boiler will not stay new forever. It will depreciate as you use it. To ensure that your boiler stays in tip-top shape, servicing is a must. In fact, before using your boiler, ensure that it is serviced during the installation process, just to ensure that it’s good to go. All you need to do is hire a gas safety engineer and they will check to see that the boiler is in pristine condition.

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Keep your boiler well-connected

Another great tip for taking care of your new boiler is keeping it well-connected. This means that your boiler will work well, The connection should be plugged in properly at all times. Always remember to check the gas pipes and electrical connections so that nothing is out of place.


Power flushing is a service that solely focuses on your radiators. Remember, your boiler relies on your radiators’ top function properly. If your radiator becomes noisy then it will not work efficiently thus your boiler will also not work well. This is one of the first signs that your radiators need a power flush. This type of cleaning flushes any dirt out of your radiators and ensures they are working as expected. Consequently, your boiler will follow suit.

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Taking care of your boiler is an ongoing responsibility. Don’t forget to do small, routine checks that will help in keeping your boiler in tip-top shape. These tasks are just as important as the routine checks that your plumber makes.

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