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A Four Star Chat: Taking “The Next Step” Into Season 2

Next Step Season 2

Dancers on The Next Step  sashayed, pirouetted, and split leaped on screen, becoming a fan-favourite Canadian original series that’s earned a Canadian Screen Award nomination.

After giving audiences an up-close look into the lives of dancers, The Next Step is back with its second season. Picking up after the team’s win at the regional competition, the drama is back. The A-Troupe dancers now have to re-audition with hopefuls from other studios in order to make the studio’s national team.

There’ll be a lot of competition, some fresh faces and, of course, dancing.

Instead of just watching from your couch at home, Family Channel offered some fans the amazing opportunity to watch a live screening of the premiere episode and meet the cast at their red carpet screening party. While you may not have been one of the lucky ones to win tickets for this event, you can still come down to see your favourite stars walk the red carpet! Visit for more information. 

We talked to stars Alexandra Beaton (who plays Emily), Taveeta Szymanowicz (Thalia), Isaac Lupien (Eldon), and Trevor Tordjman (James) who gave us the inside scoop on what fans can look forward to from season two and their characters. Also known as a four-star interview! 🙂

This red carpet screen party is a pretty exciting event for fans. What can they expect from that?

Alexandra: The red carpet screen party is not just exciting for fans; it’s exciting for us too! Besides the fact that it’s the season premiere, it’s also a chance for us to get to connect to fans in a whole new way. Personally, I am really (really, really) excited for it!

Taveeta: Expect to meet and speak to the cast, take photos with us, and watch the premiere with us. They will be able to engage in a cast question and answer session and, to top it all off, they will get to jam out with us at the after party!

The Next Step - Taveeta Szymanowicz (Thalia)

What can fans expect from the premiere episode?

Issac: They’ll get to see a one-hour special of The Next Step. Everything from the dancing, to the acting, and even the sets, have gotten better, so it should be very exciting.

Taveeta: Fans can expect some post-regionals drama, some AMAZING dancing and some definite “OMD” moments from the season two premiere episode.

Are there any major plots/changes your character will be going through this season?

Alexandra: Emily has a wild ride this season. She has gone from being pretty self-centered to willing to give it all up for the team. Everyone will see a more vulnerable and emotional side to her. She’s also still pretty hung up over the whole Eldon and Michelle situation, which is where viewers may see a little bit of her old self come in to play. After all, Emily is still Emily; she does not go down without a fight.

Issac: Eldon goes through more of a personal breakthrough during this season, where he has to overcome certain barriers that hold him back from being the best dancer that he can be.

Taveeta: My character is a very fun, loving, kooky, and positive thinking girl. This season brings with it some new exciting and interesting elements, and viewers will never know what can happen.

Trevor: The fans do get to learn so much more about James as a person. I loved playing James this season because it expected more from me as an actor. Also, he’s the coolest!

The Next Step Trevor Tordjman (James)

How has The Next Step helped you grow as both a dancer and an actor?

Taveeta: By offering me the opportunity to work with other great dancers and actors. It is so amazing to be able to engage with every cast member, and to be able to draw inspiration from their talents and work in both their dancing and their acting.

Trevor: Immersing myself into the film industry taught me so much about the art of acting. Everything that goes on behind the scenes keeps me in constant growth.

Alexandra:On the dance side of things the show has allowed me to reconnect with dancing and also given me the chance to work and learn from some of the best in Canada.

Isaac: All of our cast members are amazing to work with. Everyone helps each other to grow as dancers and actors and it really changed my life learning everything they have to offer.

The Next Step Isaac Lupien (Eldon)

Do you have any advice for young dancers/actors who want to break into the industry?

Taveeta: Focus on being the best artist you can be, instead of trying to be the best of the best. You will learn more about yourself as an artist that way, and that will help you succeed in reaching any goal you set your mind to.

Alexandra: The best advice I have is don’t let all the “no’s” you will get affect you on a personal level. No matter how many auditions you go to and how amazing you are at acting, you will still hear no. It can be due to anything from your height to your shoe size. It’s best to just let it roll off your back and move on to the next audition.

The Next Step

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