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Yes, We’re Going Talk About Tampons (And Sports)

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This is chat about sports definitely isn’t one for the guys.

Staying active in winter is easy for girls on the go, whether you’re bundling up and hitting the slopes or heading indoors for basketball, track or swimming. When your period arrives, you could let it put the brakes on your activities, or roll with it and keep going.

There are a lot of advantages to sticking with your activities no matter what time of the month it is. Exercise keeps cramps away, gives your skin a healthy glow, lightens your mood and keeps you busy so you’re not thinking about your monthly visitor.

But when your period comes, it might make you feel off your game. Cramps, bloating, bad moods, headaches, zits and an overall icky feeling could send you running for the hot water bottle instead of running to practice or a big match.

Instead, staying active and moving around will help you with whatever Mother Nature throws at you and can make you a stronger, happier, healthier person.

Whether you get in the game as a team player or an army of one, making the decision to shrug off Mother Nature’s monthly challenges and staying in the game can make you feel truly empowered. Think of it – you can get the better of Mother Nature – what’s stronger than that? If, in spite of your discomfort, you can still tackle a mountain or score the winning shot, you prove to everyone and yourself that you’ve truly got game.


Tampons: for girls on the go

When you have your period, tampons are a great way to keep your business private – what no one sees, no one has to know about! Plus even when you’re active, your tampon will stay in place. When tampons are inserted into your body, they stay inside your body and are designed to move with you. Whether you’re tumbling, pirouetting, cheering or jumping up for a slam dunk, tampons give you protection you can count on. After about 4-8 hours when your tampon gets saturated, head to the bathroom, tug the string gently and your tampon will come out easily.

When you’re on a swimming or diving team and have a meet, sitting on the bench isn’t an option. When you have your period, tampons are the only choice when you’re looking to jump in and make a splash without making a scene.  Pool water won’t get in and leaks can’t get out. Carry around a cute little waterproof carrying case for your goggles, swim cap, cell phone and tampons and no one will ever need to know you have your period.

Many sports uniforms can be pretty revealing. Cheerleading skirts, ballet and gymnastics leotards, running shorts, and tight volleyball shorts don’t always hide the bulk of a pad. With tampons, just be sure to tuck the string into your underpants and the only thing people will focus on is your talent!


Defy Mother Nature

When you’re feeling off your game and the last thing you want to do is get out there and play, your best bet is to get defiant and do what’s good for you – you’ll feel stronger and healthier, and proud of yourself that you did! It’ll be easier and easier each time you get in the game instead of hop into bed when you have your period until one day it will feel as natural as brushing your teeth in the morning.

So when Mother Nature tries to bring you down, get healthy and get moving. You’ll be glad you did!

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