Do You Think Teachers Should Swear In Front Of Students?

Another in our Whaddya Think series, where we ask students for their opinions.


Whaddya Think

Teachers Swearing: Whaddya Think?

Jaleesa P., 17
I don’t think it’s appropriate to swear in front of students. It shows a lack of respect and decency, because some religions are strict about foul language, and certain students shouldn’t be exposed to it. Teachers who swear show there is nothing wrong with it, so students think it’s OK.

Fareed O., 15
I believe that it is OK for me to swear; however, a teacher should not swear in class because there are those who will disapprove. Teachers, by respecting their students, get respect in return.

Denisha T., 14
No, I don’t think it is appropriate for teachers to swear in school. If teachers swear at their students, it means that they don’t respect them enough to speak in a positive way, so why should we respect those teachers?

Mallory P., 18
I think it is OK for teachers to swear to some extent, because a lot of teens swear, anyway. It does not affect how much I respect them. I have experienced teachers who swear and those teachers seemed to be the best ones.

Tremaine N., 17
One could say that a teacher swearing can be appropriate at times to influence a discussion or issue. But personally, I feel teachers should demonstrate a level of professionalism to maintain the respect of the students.

Ahmed R., 14
I think teachers should not be allowed to swear in class because that brings down the teacher’s reputation and also the level of respect. If a student were to swear at a teacher they would not like it, so nobody should be allowed to swear in school.

Haleema M., 16
In my opinion, I don’t think a teacher swearing is such a bad thing. It shows that they are human like everyone else and therefore not “perfect,” so they do not intimidate the students as much.

Daniel M., 18
Students are not allowed to swear, and teachers should be setting a good example. If my parents knew that my teacher was swearing, they would want me removed from that class. Teachers are not supposed to just teach what’s in the curriculum, but also to teach and encourage good behaviour.

Katherine G., 19
I feel that it is not appropriate for a teacher to swear at school. I feel that teachers, having the authority they have, set a pathway for us pupils. We see them as role models and inspiration. We set aside our friends from our elders and people of authority, and it just doesn’t feel right when your teacher fits in with your friends. Teachers who swear have a tremendous impact on my respect for them. When they swear I have none!

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6 thoughts on “Do You Think Teachers Should Swear In Front Of Students?

  1. Jonathon Hancock

    My teacher Mr Ali always swears but that,s what makes him an outstanding teacher that everyone loves and i cant wait till i,m 18 because i’ll be able to swear back at him.

  2. I think that teachers should not swear at their students. School is where your parents send you to a place to have an education, and the staff are to do what the parents would expect. So, if a teacher swears at a student, they should be prepared to swear at the child in front of the parent/guardian as well.

  3. Mail Sbmu

    I think it’s okay for a teacher to swear because it makes this teacher have a closer connection with the students and they can better understand each other. It can also help put back a teacher in charge if the teacher feels that the students have more power than she does.

  4. I think its wrong for teachers to swear at thirteen year old girl was told stuff yourself buy a teacher at school.the same teacher who calls them poops,or good for nothing or fat heads.and everytime she hears these words she would come back home a bit disturbed and ask what the meaning is.imagine the embarrassment I face and has resorted to dismissing her

  5. Emily. P

    I think it really depends on the age group. If they are very young, about 4 – 8/9 years old, it obviously wouldn’t be acceptable. But if it were teenagers, or 11 – 13 yr olds, then they could be more mature about it. It also depends what school your work in, let’s say a catholic/religious school, then obviously that would be classed as ‘sinning’ which will get you into a lot of trouble,

  6. Ashton

    It is so o f*&king k but if teachers do students should