Hot Tech Gear: The Latest From Sony, Nokia, Apple and More

Ted Kritsonis - Faze Magazine
Here’s latest tech gear that has stood out for our tech reporter Teddy K this season:

Noisebuster Headphones

Noisebuster Headphones

The Noisebuster electronically cancels annoying background noise and reduces distortion, allowing for more clarity when listening to music. The Noisebuster is available in Canada through

(Retail Price: $79.99)




The Hiptop2 is a thinner, redesigned version of the original, and packs in a lot more. Now, you can take digital photos with the built-in camera and flash, as well as surf the Net for more ringtones, games and software. A speaker has been included to go along with the earphone, so you don’t have to hold the Hiptop2 to your ear each time.

(Retail Price: starts at $199.99)


iPod Photo

Apple iPod Photo

Perhap you have burning need to listen to music while watching a slideshow of photos from your last party? iPod Photo comes in either a 30 GB or 60 GB model, with a storage capacity for 15,000 songs and 25,000 photos, and you can hook it up to your TV.

(Retail Price: starts at $439.99)


Bell Mobility 10-4 Phones

Bell Sanyo 7300 10-4

The Sanyo 7300 is Bell Mobility’s “10-4 Phone,” which rivals the “Mike” by Telus. You won’t be shooting video or taking photos with this one, but if you like the idea of keeping in touch by using the 7300 as a walkie-talkie, this phone is for you.

(Retail Price: $149.99)


Nokia 6670

Fido Nokia 6670

If you’re an e-mail junkie, this phone has an integrated 1-megapixel digital camera and video recorder with a 4x zoom. You can check your e-mail using Outlook, and it holds up to 64 MB of user data. Mobile Internet access and integrated Bluetooth technology round out a pretty interesting package.

(Retail Price: starts at $274.99 with Fido Agreement)


Sony Ericsson Z500

Sony Ericsson z500

A good phone if you’re on a budget, considering it can shoot photos with a 4x digital zoom, and record video. Plus ringtones and games as well as the high-res colour screen, and the Z500 offers a good set of options for a pretty decent price.

(Retail Price: $99.99. $100 with Fido agreement)

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