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Hot Tech Gear: The Latest From Canon, LG, Sony Ericsson And More

Ted Kritsonis - Faze Magazine
Here’s latest tech gear that has stood out for our tech reporter Teddy K this season:

Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo DS Lite

With even more power than its predecessor, this slimmer DS has a sleek look, thanks to a polished piano finish. Use the built-in wireless mode and Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to play against anyone in the world.
Nintendo DS Lite, $150.


Canon PowerShot

Canon PowerShot A430
Buying a digital camera doesn’t have to break the bank when you don’t need the bells and whistles. With four megapixels and a 4x optical zoom, you can take the quality photos you want, when you want.
Canon PowerShot A430, $150.


LG 9200

LG 9200
Chatting on MSN or Yahoo! Messenger has never been easier, with the keyboard that slides out from the side. Take photos with the built-in digital camera and send them to all your friends.
LG 9200, $125 with a Fido agreement, $300 without.


Microsoft LifeCam

Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000
Reach out and see someone. A simple click starts a video conversation—you can set it to stay locked on you (no matter how much you move around), and you can personalize the effects on your video calls.
Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000, $70.


Creative Labs I-Trigue

reative Labs I-Trigue 3400
They may not look it, but these small speakers can produce a lot of sound, making them ideal for your PC at home. They pack 40 watts (balanced accurately over both speakers), and come in black, silver, and red.
Creative Labs I-Trigue 3400, $115.


Sony Ericsson W300

Sony Ericsson W300
Find out how far you run (or how many steps it takes to walk home from school) while making a call or listening to your favourite MP3s. Take photos with the VGA camera and fill up the 512MB card with at least 100 songs.
Sony Ericsson W300 Walkman Phone, $100 with a Rogers agreement, $290 without.


FLY Pentop

Tech Gear: FLY Pentop Computer
It may look like a kid’s toy, but this pen can solve math problems and even remind you when you have a test coming up. It’s even got its own voice and plenty of different games.
FLY Pentop Computer, $120.

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