Tech Toys: A Look at the Latest From Apple, Google, Jabra and More

It’s time for our latest look at the tech toys that make our lives fun, and often more productive.


Motorola Moto X

Google Nexus 7

Make use of the Active Display to see the time and incoming messages without touching the phone. Train it to learn your voice so you can issue commands and search the web through Google Now. Twist it in your hand quickly to take photos on the fly. Choose between the black or white models.

Motorola Moto X, $190 on a 2-year contract with Rogers.

Google Nexus 7


Take this slick 7-inch tablet with you just about anywhere and watch video, listen to music or read books on the go. Enjoy the HD screen and have fun customizing Android to make it look the way you want. Take photos with the rear camera, Skype with the front camera and download apps from Google Play.

Google Nexus 7, $250 for 16GB or $280 for 32GB.

Seagate Wireless Plus

Seagate Wireless Plus

Take this 1TB portable external hard drive and pack it with all the movies, shows, music and photos you can. Connect it to your laptop, smartphone or tablet via USB or Wi-Fi and playback the content without overflowing your storage (stream three movies to three devices simultaneously)—no internet connection required.

Seagate Wireless Plus, $220.

Jabra Solemate


Use this small speaker that looks like a sneaker sole and drop sometracks either in your room or on the go. Connect it to your smartphone, tablet/iPod via Bluetooth, or the included Aux-In cable. Don’t be afraid to pump up the volume, as this thing goes up to 120 decibels.

Jabra Solemate, $160.

Sol Republic Master Tracks


Listen to your favourite jams on these over-ear headphones that offer good bass with solid mids and highs. Use the music controls on the cord for playback and the mic to talk to friends from your phone. You can try to break the indestructible headband, but you won’t have much luck. The headphones come in blue, black and white.

Sol Republic Master Tracks, $200.

Roku 3


Stream video and music from a selection of over 450 channels you can install on this small box. Use the free iOS or Android Roku app to navigate channels and playback videos from your phone or tablet. Plug your earbuds or headphones into the remote to listen to what
you’re watching on the down low.

Roku 3, $110.

Apple iPhone 5C


Immerse yourself in a new design and the newlook iOS 7 software. Use AirDrop to quickly share photos, videos, music, contacts and more. Use Siri in a male or female voice to search further, including tweets. Activate Find My iPhone to keep your phone safe, in case it gets lost or stolen. It’s now available in lime, blue, yellow, pink and white.

Apple iPhone 5C, starts at $129 on a 2-year plan (16GB) or $229 on a 2-year plan (32GB).

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