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Creative Teen Creates iTunes App For Manga Art: PaigeeDraw

“A lot of people would ask me how to draw but I couldn’t tell them how, it’s one of those things that you have to show.”

paigeedraw Paige Rohrick
Paige Rohrick, a 16-year-old artist tells Faze how her iTunes phenomenon began.

Paige’s dream began to manifest when she first got interested in this particular type of art style a couple years ago. “I started drawing in the manga style late grade eight to grade nine. I thought it was really cool.”

Already on the web for several network published art pieces, this anime-lover recently had iTunes promote and make purchasable her manga drawing tutorials.

“I thought I could make an application that would teach people how to draw, and that’s how it all started.”
paigeedraw Paige Rohrick
PaigeeDraw is an app that manually teaches you how to draw anime characters step by step. The app focuses on the character’s body parts, but also details such things as hairstyles and fashion.

Since it’s launch in December 2010, the app has been extremely popular. PaigeeDraw has already been featured as #1 on iTunes “New and Noteworthy” and Paige herself has been recognized for her well-established program in several reputable newspapers and television stations such as Global TV and The Vancouver Sun.

Young and inspired, she encourages teens everywhere that pursuing an idea even as small as a thought can result in great success. It’s when you try something completely new that sometimes you can discover something great.

Check out PaigeeDraw here.

paigeedraw Paige Rohrick

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