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Teen Fashion Designer Julia Thompson

At 15, most teens are just beginning to dream about what path they want to take in their lives, but this Toronto teen seems to have it all figured out.

Julia Thompson

Teen fashion designer Julia Thompson has already launched herself onto Toronto’s fashion scene. By working closely with Sew Be It Girl, a sewing school located in the heart of Toronto, she has successfully created her first line, along with an independent project inspired by vintage fashion, called Floral City.

But Julia has not stopped there. She recently debuted both of her lines at a launch party, hosted at The Camera Bar. Looking fabulous, Julia was dressed in a cute waterfall dress from her SBIG collection and sported a floral headband from her Floral City line.

Being a Toronto teen, she is inspired by the uniqueness of expression and style of street fashion, especially along Queen Street, along with some familiar industry favourites, whom she looks to for inspiration. “Designers that really inspire me are Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Marc Jacobs,” she says.

Julia Thompson

With only five years of sewing experience under her belt, Julia was pleased to hear that attendees of the event had nothing but positive comments about her skill and designs. Her clothing spoke for itself, as many of the pieces were purchased at the event. Proceeds from the event were donated to her grandmother’s favourite charity, because she was an inspiration for Julia to start sewing and designing.

The teen knows how tough the fashion industry can be, especially for a young designer. Julia hopes that her dreams and aspirations will lead her to become a role model for young hopefuls, sending the message that if you love something, you should never let that dream escape you. She defines her journey and experiences simply as, “Don’t let age affect your success.”

Faze caught up with Julia at her launch party to chat about fashion and the future.

How has your experience in the industry been so far?

Julia Thompson: I have learned a lot with Sew Be it Girl, and I believe it is about the process, and both collections have given me a different experience.

Who is your favourite Canadian designer and why?
JT: Chloe Comme Paris is my favourite. I actually saw them at Fashion Week. [Their fashion] is relatable to me. They are young and they are sisters. Also, because they are local designers.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?
JT: To get my name out and for people to take me seriously.

What has been the best thing about this whole process?
JT: I love events and selling myself, clothing and skills because I see my hard work paying off.

What are you looking forward to the most about the future?
JT: I can’t wait to go to university. Since I was young, I have always wanted to go to Parsons in New York. I think with that comes freedom and it would give me a lot of opportunities to experiment with design.

Julia Thompson


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