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Is The Fate Of The Furious The Box-Office Shock Of The Year?

 Fast & Furious 8
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Vin Diesel and his adopted family are back in what could be the final episode of one of the longest running franchises in the history of cinema. Many expected The Fate of the Furious to be a worn-out, unnecessary extension of the series, but instead the developers have done enough to make this film arguably the best so far. There are plenty of original plot ideas, twists, turns, and high-octane action scenes to entertain the whole family, along with some great performances from the main actors.


At the start of 2017 bookies were offering odds of 29/2 on The Fate of the Furious enjoying the biggest opening box office weekend of the year, with Star Wars: The Last Jedi odds-on favorite, and Fifty Shades Darker also ahead of the fast-car flick. But F. Gary Gray’s directorial debut in the franchise has surpassed all expectations, and the film now holds the record for the biggest opening weekend in cinema history with $532 million (CAD 713 million) taken worldwide. details how a lot of online bookies are now dealing in other markets aside from sport, such as film, but unprecedented successes such as this tend to catch them off guard. Many sites have now been forced to freeze betting markets on Fast 8 and Star Wars.

One of the reasons that the newest addition to the franchise has been so popular is down to the tragic death of Paul Walker who was one of the main stars in the other seven. The film could be seen as somewhat of a tribute to the late actor who was so pivotal to the franchise. There were also strong performances from Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, who have some hilarious exchanges of words throughout.

The main reason why Fast 8 is such a fresh addition to the series is the fact that it is now a million miles away from the film that kickstarted it all. It still features a pleasing number of finely tuned high-performance supercars traveling at ridiculously high speeds, but it also involves a much more complex plot surrounding a cyber-terrorist played by Charlize Theron. The villain known as Cypher manages to blackmail Dom (Vin Diesel) into working for her, and the rest of Dom’s team have to go up against their former ally and friend.

Just when you start to think you might have worked out what is going to happen and how the film will end, another spanner is thrown into the works which totally changes its trajectory. When you add all the comedy provided by Tyrese Gibson, the nail-biting fight scenes, and the eye-catching CGI, viewers are left with an extremely well-produced film.

Just when you think the Fast and Furious franchise has milked every last mile, it storms back like a turbo-charged Mustang. By the sounds of the title, the producers may have intended The Fate of the Furious to be the final installment of the blockbuster saga, but with its incredible success worldwide, Vin Diesel and co. could be back for more in another couple of years.

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