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Movie Review: “The Fifth Estate”

Give a person a mask and they’ll tell you the truth.

the fifth estate

In the new docu-drama, The Fifth Estate, programmer Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch) has spent many years creating a protected database where whistleblowers can privately upload classified information and documents. The data is then leaked on his news site, WikiLeaks, and brings attention to government secrets and corporate crimes.

After two years of exposing the truth on WikiLeaks, Julian and his partner Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Daniel Brühl), has gained instant fame and worldwide recognition as their news site becomes more popular for breaking news than all of the world’s renowned media outlets combined.

The Fifth Estate

However, when Julian and Daniel get their hands on thousands of confidential, intelligence documents from the U.S. government, they share a different outlook on exposing this data. Daniel is concerned about the safety of those who are mentioned in the documents while Julian plans to expose this data unedited on WikiLeaks—wanting justice and truth, “the American way.” What will happen when all the secrets are exposed to the public?

The Fifth Estate

Here’s the run down:

Mystery: Who exactly is Julian Assange and why is his hair white? Is it because of a high stress level or because he’s part of a white-haired cult? When someone is so obsessed with exposing other people’s secrets, he must be trying to deflect his own.

Suspense: When the WikiLeaks team gets their hands on confidential information and bargains with large media outlets to spread the government secrets, tension levels rise. It’s media versus the U.S government–who’s going to win?

Tech: Servers, hosts, domains and the works! The tech world has a language of its own and the WikiLeaks team throws these words around like they’re nothing–try to keep up!

Check out the trailer for “The Fifth Estate”

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