The Green Children Share Secrets Of Success

The Green Children

The Green Children are finally turning dreams into reality.

The European music duo debuted their first major release Encounter, a self-produced album, in October. And their ballads, mid and up-tempo tracks are hitting a high note with both critics and fans.

“There’s something for everyone,” says Marlow Bevan, one-half of the multi-talented duo.

But they have not always had this much success.

The Green Children

The Green Children began their journey at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Bevan met his musical soulmate, Milla Sunde, during their song writing class. The two were paired for a song writing collaboration.

They took their in-class relationship and turned it into a musical partnership. When they signed to Universal Motown in 2008, the duo quickly learned that a major label didn’t work for theml. It wasn’t long before they opted out of the deal.

Fortunately, Milla and Marlow have found the perfect fit. They recently signed a world-wide distribution deal with Spinside Records. Since the change, the two have been working to propel their careers into newer heights. They are expected to release a remix album and go on tour to promote Encounter.

The Green Children

Faze caught up with the “twins from another life” (as Sunde says) to see how they turned the obstacles into stepping stones.

FAZE: What is the most difficult thing to overcome in the music business?

MILLA: Dealing with a lot of crazy people. The thing is, especially when we’re writing, producing, playing and doing most of the music ourselves, it has a lot of our personality in the music. It becomes very personal to us. Of course when you go in the music business some people might not see the depth we’re trying to achieve and that’s difficult to tackle. You have to put up a shield so that you don’t get too hurt. We’ve had some emotional ups and downs, but I think we’ve gotten much stronger now. I’ve managed to brush off people’s negative energy much quicker.

FAZE: What are your 3 keys to success?

MARLOW: To me, success is revolved around happiness and being satisfied with the heart to create. I think being true to yourself is also important. If you have a vision and believe in it, fulfilling it how you imagined it is really the ultimate success. You should be yourself and be the best you can be instead of trying to be what others want you to be.

MILLA: Stay true to yourself. Keep the child alive and really try to enjoy the past and not focus too much on the goal. It’s all about being happy with what you’re doing.

Of course, having success and money and reaching your dream and goal is great, but being an artist in itself is success. In music, in your work or in your life, I think it’s important to not take it too seriously and just be light-hearted. Have a bit of humour. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t take life too seriously.

Check out The Green Children and their amazing GREEN cause!

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