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The Heck

“I’ve always been a little bit of an attention whore,” quips bassist for The Heck, Parker Bossley, when speaking of his band’s recent rise through the Canadian music scene. Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Bryan Steeksma, drummer Amanda Hamilton, and Bossley, The Heck are slowly getting used to the rock’n’roll spotlights being dropped upon them. Signed to Bif Naked’s Her Royal Majesty’s Records, it’s been a crazy time for these three teens, who are going from homework to working away from home in clubs they aren’t even old enough to frequent.

With their self-titled debut release now out for everyone to enjoy, The Heck may have mastered their instruments, but are still attempting to handle and master the typical trappings that come along with being a ‘professional’ musician.

“You’ve got to have tough skin,” believes Bryan. “Because there’s going to be a lot of good and bad stuff said about you. Sometimes the good stuff can be just as harmful as the bad stuff, because you get your ego involved, and you start thinking that you’re on top of the world — when really, you’re not.”

Filled to the brim with 12 power-packed, guitar driven rock’n’roll tracks, this self-titled effort is a great start for this threesome, but taking it, or themselves, too seriously is what The Heck are attempting to avoid. “You need a sense of humour,” explains Parker. “You have to deal with a lot of people who say ‘you can’t do it’ or ‘you suck.’ You have to laugh it off and keep going.”

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