The Janoskians: Just A Bunch Of Silly Guys From Down Under

The Janoskians

These five Australian mates–Beau Brooks, Jai Brook, Luke Brooks, Daniel Sahyounie and James Yammouni–are ready to take the world by storm!

The Janoskians are well known as a YouTube comedy group, pranksters, entertainers, stunt performers and more recently, singers.

Their first single “Set The World on Fire” has over 2 million views on their YouTube channel and they plan to release their second single on May 17, 2013. “It’s called ‘Best Friends.’ It’s a combination of dance and pop and our own brand of fun” Beau shares. “Jay Sean co-wrote it and we took the hook from this great song called ‘Best Song Ever’ and changed it a bit, to make it our own thing.”

The Janoskians

About to embark on their 2013 tour Not A Boy Band, James tells Faze what their fans should expect to see. “We will be bringing our Youtube videos to life. Lots of fun stuff that you wouldn’t see a boy band do,” he says. “Don’t expect too much music!”

If you want to catch these pranksters in action, you’re in luck! The Janoskians have two Toronto dates and a Vancouver date. Get your tickets and embrace yourself for a wild show.

To get a feel for these clowns, here’s The Janoskians and their Three Step Door Knocking Prank:

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