The Latency Is Getting All Fired Up

The Latency

The Latency, which means potential energy, may have come up with their band name themselves, but it was Hedley’s Tom MacDonald that discovered them.

They’re currently on tour for their new self-titled album and compare their relationship with each other to a marriage, explaining, “you have arguments, but you work them out.”

It helps that they were friends before they became The Latency. However, being on tour can be crazy. Once, in Moose Jaw, a couple of girls tracked them down at their hotel!

If you have a band and want to get discovered, the band recommends using the internet as a great way to get noticed. You also need to be personable with fans, determined and unafraid of rejection. Of course, fans are #1 because every band needs a crowd!

Check out another Faze interview with the guys from The Latency here.

The Latency SASS with Dana Krook

Check out The Latency’s album, available now.

The Latency

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