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The Life Of Michael Jackson – Experience It Anew With

Michael Jackson

No artist has ever managed to appear as multifaceted and at the same time controversial as Michael Jackson. Meanwhile, the King of Pop has been deceased for more than 13 years, but his music is still unforgotten. However, with his moving and at times inspiring life, the person behind the artist Michael Jackson has much more to offer. therefore takes a look once again at the many unique periods of the life of our King of Pop in all its fullness.

For the next two years you can expect monthly new pictures and videos, which put Michael Jackson as a living peace of art completely new in scene. Not only as a musician, but also as a poet, artist, entertainer and entrepreneur Michael Jackson has arranged himself over the years. Via it is therefore now possible to benefit once again from exclusive insights.

A digital monument to the King of Pop

As one of ten children, Michael rarely had it easy. At the age of just five, it was clear to him that a musical career was what he wanted. Both the young Michael and some of his brothers quickly had high potential, which led to the formation of the band “The Jackson Five”. This band celebrated its first successes in the 1970s and was the springboard for Michael Jackson’s solo career. Well-known hits such as Billie Jean were thus first made possible, whereby the King of Pop earned his world-famous name as a solo artist.

Unreleased content and videos with therefore creates a digital monument to the most beautiful details of Michael Jackson’s life. This is done through previously unreleased content, some of which is played out Netflix-style over several seasons. Above all, the professionally produced videos, which appear twice a month with a running time of eight to twelve minutes, provide profound insights. With state-of-the-art 3D technology, the focus is on quality.

In addition to the videos available in the Myidol app, fans also receive many artworks and impressions of Michael Jackson as an artist. Here, has unpublished works that are an absolute must for true fans. Through an experienced team of experts and musicologists from the USA and Austria, unique details are also provided visually.

Michael Jackson

Highest standards for a holistic documentation

No documentary has ever before been dedicated to the life of Michael Jackson to a comparable extent. So, fans and interested people can expect a digital monument in an entire new format to benefit from unique content over two years. For $20 a year, the app is available to you in full – with pictures, videos, fanart and many more details. All profits from the Myidol app go directly to the

This foundation has set itself the task of promoting education and inspiration from an early age and working towards a just future. Especially in the context of Michael Jackson, who also became an idol for many children and young people, visions and goals are just right. In this way, the Foundation contributes to making a project that combines art and education.

Become a part of the monument yourself with fan artwork

As a holistic and exciting documentary, also involves fans in the creation of the monument. Thus, there is the possibility to send in your own fan artwork and self-created works on Michael Jackson. The best and most impressive works of art will find their place in the Myidol app and complement the story of one of the greatest musicians of our time. The Myidol team then manually selects the most beautiful works of the fans, which become part of the documentary.

The bond between Michael Jackson and his fans has always been unique, and this should be as clear as possible in the new format of the documentary. The result is an epic and unforgettable journey through the life of Michael Jackson, the likes of which has never been seen before. It has never been more impressive to look behind the scenes of a famous world star once again yourself.

Time for a worthy retrospective – with

Michael Jackson has managed as a solo artist to inspire the music world and embody his own unique style with every song. It is even more beautiful to look back once again on the life of one of the greatest artists of our time with a respectful and dignified documentary. With, you too can become part of a digital and inspiring monument that looks at the King of Pop in his many forms. Take a look at the story and idea behind and take part in β€œThe Story” through Michael Jackson’s life.

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