The New Cities Dish Out Some Tasty New Music

The New Cities

You know them for their energetic music, their amazing music videos and lively concerts. And The New Cities don’t disappoint with the release of their new album, Kill the Lights. According to the guys, it’s a progression from the last album, adding a level of intensity to their already powerful sound. “This new record is a bit edgier,” says lead vocalist David. “A lot of stuff happens when you kill the lights.”

For any band, the touring process involves a lot of time spent together in cramped quarters like a tour bus, van or hotel room. For even the closest of friends, this can be a trying experience. For The New Cities, even though they’re “just like brothers” (according to David), it doesn’t affect them…much. “We get into fights, but usually it takes like ten minutes to blow over,” says synth-player Nicolas. “We deal with it right away.” For these brothers, communication is definitely key. “You just got to tell people if something’s wrong,” adds David.

With a UK tour already under their belts, two full albums and numerous singles, The New Cities have no plans of slowing down any time soon. So what’s the secret to performing a dynamic show, even after a good amount of jet lag? “Energy drinks,” says David, laughing. “When we get up on stage, it’s like a boost of energy,” offers Nicolas. There’s nothing like an adrenaline rush to (naturally) kick you into gear. But sugar doesn’t hurt.

The guys are now excited to be gearing up for Crush Fest, where fans will get up close and personal with the guys of The New Cities, getting to hear more of their new music. “It’s actually a secret number [of fans], a secret location,” says David. “It’s much more than a concert; it’s a complete experience.”

Check out more info about Crush Fest here!

Here’s the The New Cities and Heatwave!

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