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The Next Star Season 6 Finale: Alicia Moffet Crowned Canada’s Next Star

The air was filled with excitement on September 22, 2013 at Canada’s Wonderland, as the Top 6 and their loyal fans waited in anticipation to see who will be named “The Next Star.”


The Next Star Season 6 Finale: The Judges

The night started off with a bang, when web host Mark “Suki” took the stage and danced for the audience—and I must say, he had all of the right moves! He was twerkin’ it! Afterward, the Top 6 performed their group song “We Just Don’t Care,” loud and proud.

After that, special guest Cody Simpson took the stage to perform “La Da Dee” acoustically. Then Eleven Past One performed their hit single “The World Is Ours.”

Paige Prescott was the first of the finalists to perform her original song “Say U 2.” Her adorable, pink dress and heart stage props went perfectly with her song. Love was in the air!

Up next was 12-year-old Dante Scott. His outfit and voice sparkled as he sang his single “Goodbye Gravity.”

Kat Moscone may only be 13, but her voice and dance moves were on spot. She was fiercely real as she performed her single “Lioness” and roared for the crowd.

Albertan native, Alex Zaichowski brought a lucky girl on stage and sang “All I Want” to her, as she tried to catch her breath from the excitement. Even though Alex isn’t a dancer, he had quite the moves on stage.

Alicia Moffet started her performance of “Better Watch Out For Me”with a long gown, which was removed to reveal a beautiful, sparkly dress underneath. With a powerhouse voice, she got a standing ovation from the judges—Keshia, Mark and Tara.

Jaden MacPhee, from Toronto, was the last finalist to perform his original song “Winners.” The audience waved glow sticks and danced along to his upbeat melodies and hard-hitting dance moves.

Cody Simpson was the last performance of the night. He took the stage to perform his latest single “Pretty Brown Eyes” and the audience went crazy. Everyone knew every single lyric and sang right back to Cody.

The Next Star Season 6 Finale: Cody Simpson

Then, it was the moment we were all waiting for—who will YTV host Carlos announce as the winner? The audience went silent, the Top 6 joined hands, and the air was thick with anticipation. “Canada’s Next Star is…Alicia Moffet!”

And the crowd goes wild! Alicia took the stage to perform the winner’s song, “Roar” by Katy Perry. Alicia was overwhelmed with joy during her performance, but she had her friends to back her up; they joined her on stage to finish off the night.

The Next Star Season 6 Finale: Alicia Moffet

Faze caught up with the lovely, the talented Alicia Moffet after she was crowned the winner to chat about her thoughts on the finale and what she plans to do with her victory.

Has it sunk in yet, that you are Canada’s next star?

No! I can’t believe it yet. This is crazy! I didn’t think I was going to be the winner. Nobody ever expects that. I used to say that stuff like that would happen to anyone but me, but it happened to me, so I believe now.

How long have you been singing?

I’ve been singing since I was 5 years old. My mom use to sing karaoke with my sister and I just watched and sang with her eventually. It came just like that.

Who inspired you, musically growing up?

A lot of Christina Agularia, Celine Dion, Aliicia Keys—all of the singers that have the big voices inspire me the most. They’ll inspire me forever!

What made you go to The Next Star auditions?

My mom 100%. She was the one who pushed me through this. She wanted me to do this so much.

Is there one piece of advice from the show that you’ll never forget?

Jasmine (vocal coach) told me to never underestimate myself. Sometimes Jasmine, or another judge, would ask me to sing a note but I don’t think I can. But when I tried, I could do it. I learned that I have to believe in myself.

What will you miss the most about The Next Star?

The Top 6! It’s hard to say goodbye to my friends.

How would you describe the finale?

Awesome-ness. Perfect. The best moment of my life. It was more than what I expected it to be. The moment I got on stage, with the group, I struggled not to cry because it was like a dream. I was nervous before I went on stage, but I got more nervous when I got on stage because I didn’t think it would be that much. But it was fun!

What was going through your mind right before Carlos announced you as the winner?

I honestly didn’t know what to think. When he said my name, it didn’t sound like my name. I never thought I could win this. This is cray-cray!

What are you determined to do now that The Next Star  is over and you are crowned the winner?

To keep pushing myself and my dreams because I want to go further in this. This is just the beginning!

The Next Star Season 6 Finale: Alicia Moffet

If you weren’t there to catch the finale live, it will be re-airing on YTV— check your local listings for the time!

In the meantime, you can listen and download the Top 6’s original songs off itunes! (Top 6’s singles)

For more pictures from The Next Star finale, check out our photo gallery.

Here is Alicia Moffet on Twitter to check in on her latest adventures.

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