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The Next Star Season 6: Top 6 Finalists

Who will be crowned Canada’s next star?

The Next Star

The judges of The Next Star, Season 6 — Tara Oram, Mark Spicoluk and Keisha Chante — have travelled from coast to coast to find Canada’s next superstar. The season will end on September 22, 2013 at Canada’s Wonderland where we’ll enjoy performances by the top 6 and special guests Cody Simpson and Eleven Past One.

On September 14, the top 6 finalists were at Sears in the Eaton Centre meeting and snapping pics with their fans. Faze sat down with this talent bunch for a chat about their journey on The Next Star.

What are some of your highlights while being on The Next Star?

Dante: Meeting new people that love the same things as me, who can give me advice when I need it.

Paige: The biggest highlight for me, as weird as it sounds, but it was the cuts that they made from Top 12, Top 9 and Top 6. I thought that time was really exciting. And our music videos were exciting too!

Kat: My biggest highlight would be doing my music video because it’s been a dream of mine, since forever!

What is one of your personal challenges that you had to face and how did you overcome it?

Alex: Dancing! Dancing is a serious challenge of mine because I have no skills. And through working with Michael, the choreographer, I’ve learned a lot about moving on stage and stage presence in general. I’m not tripping on my own feet, as much, anymore.

Dante: Leaving my friends and family at home, and being in Toronto for the whole summer without seeing them. But we stay connected through Facetime, calling, and social media helps too.

Alicia: The hardest for me was getting out of my comfort zone—not just singing and dancing—but makeup too. For example, the dark eye shadow. I was upset at that, but I learned that I have to trust them because they’re experts. When I saw it on TV, I liked it!

What’s something that the Next Star has taught you that you’ll take with you once the show is over?

Jaden: The show has taught me to never underestimate myself. Just because you think you can’t do it, it doesn’t hurt to try. You should always push yourself through that extra mile.

Alex: I think that The Next Star has really taught me that it’s okay to embrace your inner immaturity sometimes—if the time is right—to have fun and let go.

Paige: It’s taught me to always be myself and never be scared—it’s a real life lesson! You should always push yourself, even if it’s uncomfortable, because in the end it’ll be for the best.

The Next Star top 6

How have you been preparing for the big finale?

Alex: Sleeping! I’m getting a lot of rest and sleep—at least trying too. A lot of rehearsing too, but that comes second to sleep.

Kat: Working on my stamina so that I can sing and dance at the same time.

Paige: Our vocal coach has us wearing scarves to protect our voice! Of course, practise, practise and practise! We have to try our hardest because it’s our last show.

What can your fans expect to see from you while you’re on-stage, at the finale?

Kat: Fans can expect fierceness. I’m bringing the fire!

Alicia: Expect the best of me because I will do everything I can so that they will love it and remember it. I’m excited to perform in front of that large audience! I’m really excited for what I’m going to do with my performance.

Jaden: The fans can expect an amazing show with lights and crazy, unique performances. You’ll be surprised. I’m just excited to see whoever is going to win. Hello! We’ve been waiting for this moment all summer. That is what the show is all about, becoming the next big star!

Take a listen and download the Top 6’s singles and follow your favourites on Twitter.

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The Next Star 
winner is chosen by you! You can get all of the latest details from The Next Star nation and vote at YTV.

Don’t forget to buy tickets to see the finale live on September 22, 2013 at Canada’s Wonderland.

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