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Chatting With “The Next Star: Season 7” Top 6 Finalists

The Next Star is back for its 7th season and is searching across Canada for the newest and brightest star. The team of star-studded judges for this season include returnees Mark Spicoluk and Tara Oram, and the newest addition Dan Kanter, the lead guitarist and musical director for Justin Bieber. With the mentorship of the judges, the top 6 finalists are gearing up for the finale where they get to show off their talent to the judges and all the fans watching at home.

Faze sat down with the talented group of singers to get the inside scoop about their journey so far on The Next Star.

The Next Star Season 7

What was the most memorable moment from your experience on The Next Star?

Shon: I think for me it was the makeovers. They really made a big difference and changed the way I look!

Ryland: The energy from the crowds. It’s an amazing thing to be up in front of a huge crowd that is so energetic. It really helps you perform well and is definitely memorable.

Kaleia: Finding out that I made it to top 12 was a memorable experience for me. It is such an amazing experience and I’m so happy I can do all of this. It’s definitely a milestone.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Nissita: I’m looking forward to everything! The music videos, the finale and listening to my new single!

Michaelah: I’m also excited for everything! Especially the duets and the finale!

Ryland : Performing my brand new single at the finale. That’s going to a lot of fun, especially with such a huge crowd.

What was the best piece of advice given to you by the judges?

Shon: To be yourself, and not another artist. For example, if I’m singing a Bruno Mars song I don’t need to be Bruno I should be Shon.

Michaelah: Being confident in myself, especially in my dancing. Also, believing in the words I’m singing and connecting to the lyrics.

Jory : Not to over-think everything. I used to think a lot about my choreography and my voice but when I stopped thinking about it and just got into the music my performance got a lot better.

What makes you unique from the other contestants?

Ryland:  I’m not just doing this for me, I’m doing it for the fans and to inspire them to achieve their dreams. I want my music to encourage others and make them happy.

Jory:  I have a lot of experience and background in singing which makes me different. Music has always been my escape and therapeutic to me.

Nissita: I’ve never taken singing lessons and I also never sang in front of anyone before, besides my sister!

What are some backstage rituals you do before going onstage?

Nissita: I do this face that helps me zone out all the distractions. I don’t even know I’m doing the face! I just do it.

Kaleia : I don’t have any rituals really… I just relax and shake it out a little and have fun. I try to get in my zone.

Shon: I try not to talk to anyone. I stay still, act calm and think about the worst thing that can happen and make sure that it doesn’t happen!

Don’t forget that The Next Star is chosen by you!

The Next Star airs every Sunday, 7:00 PM on YTV.

The Next Star Season 7 Finalists

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