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The Next Star: SuperGroup Finale: A Chat With Runners-Up Electric Ave


The Next Star: SuperGroup brought back familiar faces for a second chance. The Top 30 became the Top 20, then became four super groups: Electric Ave, Rebel Coast, Neon Crush Club and Kiss +Shout. When only two were left, Electric Ave became #teamDamon and Rebel Coast was #teamCory as they battled it out for the crown of Canada’s first SuperGroup.
The Metro Toronto Convention Centre started to fill up quickly on April 13, as eager fans gathered to see the live finale. It was Rebel Coast vs. Electric Ave with special guest appearance by Nick Cannon’s new group 4Count and performances by Faze past cover boy Austin Mahone (#mahomie!).

Let’s start off by saying that this stage was huge and awe-inspiring! The show kicked off with Rebel Coast and Electric Ave joining together to perform Demi Lovato’s “Neon Lights” and the crowd went wild (in fact,  this song has been on replay in my head since their performance because it was that good).

The Next Star Supergroup Dana and Jessica with Electric Ave

The two groups took the stage to perform mash-up cover songs. Rebel Coast showed off their musical skills while covering “Chasing Stars” by One Republic. Afterwards, Electric Ave had the girls swooning with their smooth dance moves while performing “Locked Out Of Heaven” by Bruno Mars.

Special guest Austin Mahone performed his new singles, “MMM Yeah” and “Til’ I Find U.” Nick Cannon made a special video appearance to give a shout out to new boy band 4Count who were also in attendance (and looking super-handsome if I may say so myself).

Next, the finalists performed their original singles. Rebel Coast hyped up the crowd with their anthem “We Are The Brave” with the added company of marching band drummers—it was so cool! Electric Ave was literally glowing with their light-up clothing while performing their single “Into Pieces.” The effect was something never seen before on The Next Star stage.

Then the moment of truth came when Rebel Coast and Electric Ave joined host Jordan Francis on the stage for one last time. The audience went silent, the finalists locked hands and the air was thick with anticipation. “The Next Star: SuperGroup winner is…Rebel Coast!”

And the crowd went wild as the boys hugged each other in excitement and confetti flew from above. Rebel Coast took the stage to perform their never-before-heard single “Don’t Stop Now” to finish the night.

Faze caught up with runners up Electric Ave–Dane, Bradley, Adam, Parker and Zee–before the show, to talk about highlights, challenges and group dynamics.

What’s kept you motivated to continue singing and pursuing a career in music?

Bradley: I think I can speak for all us when I say that we just love music—singing and performing. So knowing that we love it, it doesn’t matter if we make it big or not, it’s the love of music that will keep us going.

What are some highlights while being on TNS: SuperGroup?

Dane: Definitely one of the highlights from the show would be performing “One In a Million.”

Adam: The craziest thing we’ve ever done was shooting and filming our own music video. The fact that our music video “Into Pieces” is now on iTunes is insane.

You joined the show as individuals and then were put into groups. Did that make you nervous?

Zee: I think it was a pretty nerve-wracking experience because if our personalities clashed, we were stuck together for the whole season—depending on how far we made it. That made me really nervous because I wanted our group to succeed.

The Next Star Supergroup Dana and Jessica with Electric Ave

What’s something you like about being in group?

Parker: I like that when we perform we have guys to back us up. We can feed off each other’s energy. As individuals we can still do well, but it wouldn’t feel as amazing compared to being in group.

Adam: Aside from performing and doing stuff like that, behind the scenes is really crazy and it’s awesome to have four of my best friends to hang out with, play music and really bond together.

Zee: I really think that our whole group keeps everyone grounded because if we were solo artists, we would have an entourage that only hypes us up and they wouldn’t give us constructive criticism. It’s really amazing to have your friends with you and keep you solid.

How do you prepare for big shows?

Parker:  We just like to relax before shows and take everything in and clear our head. Right before we go on stage we get into a little huddle and we all start singing, “Energy, energy, energy,” while we’re jumping and it gets up hyped up.

What is a personal challenge you had to overcome?

Adam: The biggest challenge I had to overcome was dance. All of these guys in the group kind of have a base foundation of dancing and I kind of felt like the odd one out at the beginning because I definitely wasn’t the best dancer. I had a lot of work to do. But these guys helped me out, they worked on it with me and I think my dancing has improved a lot.

What advice would you give to someone who’s trying to pursue a musical career?

Dane: Be yourself and go all out because when you do that, you gain fans. We have our fans, the #sparks on Twitter. It really makes you stick out.

Bradley: For anyone who has a dream, or just loves to do something, always follow it. Times may get hard, but if you put the time in, work hard and tell yourself “I can do it” then you can do anything.

Zee: Everything happens for a reason.

Keep up with Electric Ave and download their single “Into Pieces” on iTunes.

Didn’t catch the live finale? Go to to see when it’ll air again.

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