The Perishers Could Be Sweden’s Hottest Export

The Perishers

There are four lanky Swedes on stage, arranging their instruments (including a xylophone), and you wonder if the Perishers will need all of it for their restrained melodies from Let There Be Morning.

“There’s a lot of gut feeling,” says Thomas Hedlund, their energetic drummer. “We try to find the feeling in the song and keep it simple. We’re about melodies because when we have a strong melody, we try to find the core of the song without going over the top with our arrangements.”

Although Swedes have been listening to the Perishers’ debut album since 2003, they finally zipped across continents to open for Sarah McLachlan this year. As friends who came together to play in a band in university in Umea, Sweden, the Perishers’ approach to a song is almost as stark as their homeland, with their lead singer, Ola Kluft penning most of the ballads, “I think Ola thinks about Swedish emotions but writes in English,” explains Thomas.

And they’re a bit overwhelmed with all the attention, “We’ve never been a talkative band, “ says Thomas, when asked of the hype surrounding their music, “It’s fun to see what people are talking
about us, but we’re the most normal guys you can imagine.”

The Perishers

Photo courtesy of Nettwerk Music

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