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The Zen of K-OS

A taste of the driving philosophy behind the latest K-OS release, Joyful Rebellion

Written by Faze contributor Kevin Brereton, aka K-OS

A lot of times, identity is based on the house you live in, the friends you have—those simple things. Those are part of your personality. But your inner self is one that you start thinking of when you think of your relation to the higher powers that are above self. It is the psycho-spiritual aspect of things.”

What I was thinking about when growing up is who I was to people. In high school, you wonder what people think about you. When you leave the room, you wonder what people say about you behind your back. There is always that self-awareness, to be always thinking of how you are perceived. But, do you stress the importance of what people think about you or what you think about yourself?”


That started to shift when I started to wonder how I was affecting other people in the world. Do I respect myself, and am I OK with who I am? That competes with the idea of not worrying about what you think of yourself and what others think of you. We become so obsessed with that. We don’t even realize we are doing that anymore. The clothes we buy, the running shoes we wear, the way we do our hair and the daydreams we have about how we interact with people, all become this exercise in making other people like us.”

There’s nothing wrong with that because that’s part of human nature. We are the type of animal who rolled in groups, so we want to get along with other people. But it can’t be more important than what you think of yourself. If you are not satisfied with yourself when you look in the mirror, no one is going to like you.”


Edited by Surya Bhattacharya
Photographer Datin Rubin

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