4 Things At Home That Often Get Overlooked When Cleaning


For those of you who are really busy during the weekdays, weekends can be the only spare time for you to do the house chore. Doing house chores is very important to make sure that we have a clean house that could provide comfort. Especially for a family with a little child, a clean house is needed to ensure that all family members –especially little children who are more susceptible to an illness, are well protected.

When you think about cleaning a house, two things that come to your mind are sweeping and mopping floors. This is the most general practice of cleaning a house –thus making people forget that there are also other things in the house that need to be taken care of. Because these objects are often forgotten, they are more prone to get dirty. Here are some items in the house that you also need to cleaned-up during the weekend.

The Refrigerator

The inside of the refrigerator where you store all of your food? It’s not as safe and clean as you think it would be. Various types of food and drinks stored in the refrigerator can cause stains and produce bad smell, thus it could contaminate other objects inside. Moreover, if you forget about the expiration date of your food, and find it too late –when a bad smell has come out from inside the refrigerator. It will be a disaster!

To clean your refrigerator, you can start by emptying the contents of the refrigerator first. Afterward use a multi cleaner spray and microfiber cloth to clean the inside of the fridge. If you want to use a natural cleaner, you can use lemon juice to rub it all over the shelves. To solve or prevent bad odor coming from the fridge, you can use a non scented refrigerator deodorizer.

Toilet Seat

The bathroom is one of the areas in your house which will be very susceptible to bacteria. Because of the dampness inside the toilet, it will be very easy for mold to grow. To ensure that you have a healthy bathroom, you should clean the toilet seat every week. Your toilet seat can be very prone to a lot of bacteria and viruses that can cause various diseases. Pour the toilet cleaner into the toilet seat and clean with a brush. Afterward, flush the toilet with water until it is thoroughly clean.

The Microwave

If you have a microwave and often use it –then it needs to be cleaned up at the very least every once a week. The residue food can make your microwave smell bad –which then can affect every other food you put inside. To get rid of the smell, you can mix water, vinegar, and lemon juice inside of a microwaveable container. Put the mixture inside the microwave, and turn the microwave on to boil it. Afterward, just let the boiled mixture cool inside for 15 minutes.

The inside of the microwave will condense as a result of the water evaporating. You can then gently wipe the inside of the microwave with a cloth to clean up the water vapor along with the remaining food splatter.

The Furniture

Dust will accumulate on the surfaces of your furniture, especially if you open your windows house often to let the fresh air in –it will definitely make the dust grow. Therefore making sure to wipe your furniture surfaces every once a week is a wonderful way to maintain the cleanliness of your house. Dust and dirt that accumulated on your furniture will be dangerous for your respiratory health.

You can ask your child to help clean furniture such as desks and bookcases. Teach them to wipe the table with cleaning fluid or with a duster, and also how to arrange the decoration on top of the desk so they remain neat. For a bookcase, you can also ask them to work together in order to reorganize the books. For example, ask them to arrange the book in alphabetical order.

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Cleaning can indeed be a tiring activity to do. Even thinking that we have to do the house chore can plummet our mood. To make cleaning more fun and easy, you can invite your family member to help clean the house. This can be a part of weekend activities that could increase the closeness of each family member. On top of your house being clean and comfortable, your and your family members’ weekend will be more productive!

If you feel too tired at times, and just want to use the weekend to rest and lounge around with your family, then that’s okay! You deserve to rest from time to time. You can hire a part-time maid to help you clean your house instead. Check out https://www.lucehome.sg/services/part-time-maid for more information. When you hire a cleaner, it will definitely help you to be more well-rested during the weekend.

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