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Don’t Be These Annoying People While You’re On Public Transit

Let’s make it a pleasant ride for all.

Whether you’re heading home from school or on your way to the mall, taking public transit can either be a great experience or the worst ride of your life. Here are a few things that you should avoid doing on a train (you don’t want to be THAT person).

1. Grooming in public. From leaving hairballs on the floor to clipping fingernails on the seat, seeing someone doing their daily grooming and personal business on a train is pretty unappealing. It’s just gross, so don’t do it.


2. Getting too close. People need their space! Yes, sometimes buses or trains get crowded, but try not too get to awkwardly close. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a random hand grazing yours or someone nearly standing on top of you. Or having your personal text messages read by the person next to you because you’re THAT close.


3. Taking up an unnecessary amount of space. The amount of anger that builds up when you see someone’s bag taking up a perfectly good seat happens way too often. In a packed train, your shopping bags do not need a seat for themselves, let’s be real.


4. Bad body odour. When you’re cramped up in a small space with lots of people, a bad odour can go a long way. Anything from sweaty armpits to strong-smelling foods can make the ride pretty nauseating. So please, do us all a favour and put an extra swipe of deodorant on before riding public transit.


5. Loud music. Keep yourmusic to yourself. Yes, a good dance party is nice once in a while, but not everyone is a fan of hardcore metal or Taylor Swift blasting on their commute. Try to be respectful of everyone’s music tastes and stick with the headphones for your own ride.


6. PDA. Awkwardness overload. It’s never fun being the third wheel, especially on public transit. Save it for date night.


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