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10 Things Every Bargain Shopper Knows To Be True

Being a bargain shopper is nothing to be embarrassed about. It takes some level of skill to find the best items at the lowest price. Not everyone has the ability to find great deals so when your friends are on a budget it’s you they call to save the day! But hey, no worries, because a bargain shopper is always up for a challenge. Here are 10 things every bargain shopper knows to be true:

1. The sale section in every store is the first stop!

When you’re a bargain shopper, you’ve got the sale sections in all the hottest stores memorized and can get right down to business.

The Sale Section of a store.

2. You understand that in order to find the best deals, you will have to work up a sweat!

Shopping is definitely a work out, and the work out only gets more intense when you’re trying to find the best deals! Walking from section to section can get su-u-uper exhausting, and your arm might get a little sore from carrying way too much stuff. But that’s okay, because bargain shoppers understand that with no pain, there’s no gain.

3. You’re very proud to be a thrift shopper and will preach about all the deals you got on items to anyone who will listen.

A designer bag for only $40? That’s something worth bragging about!

Salvation Army thrift store window.

4. When you find a cute item that’s not on sale, you leave it behind.

In a bargain shopper’s mind, it’ll go on sale eventually!

5. Every store membership card is in your wallet, ready to whip out and rack up points.

Why not? Points eventually lead to savings!

Bargain shoppers loyalty cards.

6.The thought of paying full price for an item literally makes your jaw drop.

Not on sale? No thanks!

7. “Sale” and “buy one get one free” are the “I love you” of your shopping relationship.

Those are the only words you need to hear to get you out of bed and straight to the mall.

Bargain shopper getting out of bed.

8. You make the best shopping partner!

When your friends are running low on funds and need some help budgeting for a shopping trip, you’re the first person they call!

Two girls shopping.

9. Before every purchase, you’re on the hunt for a discount code or coupon to use at checkout.

Couponing isn’t crazy—it’s effective!

A pile of coupons.

10. When someone compliments your outfit, you have absolutely no problem responding with “Thanks! I got it for only [Insert discount price here].”

The look on their face is always priceless!

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