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Jillian Rose Reed Says Things Will Even More “Awkward” In Season 3

Jillian Rose Reed in Awkward

It’s no surprise why Awkward. is one of MTV’s most critically acclaimed shows. With its unique storyline and hilarious jokes, the show is extremely relatable to the teen audience. But it’s not just the plot that has viewers tuning in every episode; it’s also the beloved characters and the actors who bring them to life.

Awkward. follows the life of Jenna Hamilton (played by Ashley Rickards) as she goes through the ups and downs of growing up, facing the same challenges that most teens deal with such as struggling with their identity, love and high school enemies.

After two seasons of fans siding with either Team Matty or Team Jake, Jenna’s finally picked a side and so Season 3 will see her relationship with her new boyfriend develop, and of course the drama that comes with it.

Faze caught up with Awkward.’s Jillian Rose Reed who stars as Tamara, the fiery redhead best friend of Jenna who never fails to deliver witty one-liners. The 21-year-old actress dishes on what to expect in the upcoming third season and what it’s like to play Tamara on the show.

Jillian Rose Reed of Awkward.

Going into its third season, Awkward. has had a chance to develop its storylines and characters. How has Tamara grown since we first met her in Season 1?
Jillian Rose Reed: Just like any normal high school girl, Tamara is maturing. She’s figuring out what she wants and who she is. This season she really starts to discover what she wants out of life, school, and love.

Any hints about what we can expect for Season 3?
JRR: Well, at the end of season two Jake and Tamara had a pretty steamy kiss! This season you get to see where their relationship is going and just how close they got over the summer!

How similar is Jillian Rose Reed and the Awkward. character, Tamara?
JRR: We have some similarities, for sure. I’m a super bubbly, fast talking person and so is Tamara. We also have some things in common when it comes to style…lots of dresses and boots! Any character is going to be challenging because they aren’t exactly like you, but I think I’ve been playing Tamara long enough that I’ve figured her out.

Tamara is a very outspoken young lady; what are some of her one-liners that were particularly hard to get out with a straight face?
JRR: I would say most of my crazy words are hard to get out with a straight face! Lauren Iungerich, our creator, has done such a good job coming up with crazy mash-ups of words and phrases…they’re too funny to say without laughing at least once.

Kudos to you for developing such great comedic acting chops so early on in your career. Who do you look up to for comedic inspiration?
JRR: I grew up watching Friends. I would say I fell in love with comedy because of the women on that show. I look up to Jennifer Aniston, and I would love to work with her one day.

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