5 Things That Could Be Slowing Your Business Down

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Getting more done in less time is key to success in business. Below are just five things that could be slowing your business down and causing you to get less done.

Old technology

Ancient legacy software and primitive manual machinery could be slowing down your business. You could find that newer technology allows you to automate many of the processes that currently cause you a headache. On top of this, you could reduce time wasted solving tech issues by upgrading to newer and more reliable tech.

Many businesses are apprehensive about upgrading their tech – it may involve spending a lot of money and having to relearn how to use the tech. It’s important to consider the time and money that you may save in the long run. Besides, there may be ways of easing the transition such as using a database conversion service or taking up a course. Make sure to research into new technology thoroughly in order to choose the best new solution for you.  

Lack of outsourcing

Outsourcing involves paying another company to take care of a task. This could be anything from bookkeeping to answering the phone. Outsourcing may cost extra money, but it can save businesses huge amounts of time doing tasks that may be considered an inconvenience. Just imagine all the time you could save by not doing your own accounting or not having to answer the phone. You can start outsourcing your accounting with Cloud based QuickBooks which can be accessed from anywhere using Azure VDI.

To make sure outsourcing is a success, make sure to do your research. By comparing lots of different companies you can find one that has a good reputation and good rates. 

Unnecessary meetings

We’ve all had to sit through unproductive meetings. In fact, for many of us, a large percentage of meetings could be replaced by other faster forms of communication such as sending an email or putting information into a group chat. 

Make sure that every meeting has a purpose – don’t host weekly or daily meetings with staff unless you have something to talk about. It’s worth also putting time limits on all meetings (few meetings need to be more than thirty minutes in length).

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Poor communication

Communication problems could also be slowing your business down. If wires are constantly getting crossed or people are not being told important information, mistakes can be made that will cost you time to repair. For this reason, it can be important to establish rules with communication.

Try to always put important information in writing so that it can be referred back to if someone forgets it. Send automated reminders when possible and always be concise.

Poor recruitment strategy

Many problems can arise from recruiting the wrong staff. You may end up recruiting employees that are slow at their job or who constantly make mistakes. Alternatively, you may recruit staff members that don’t get on with the team. Recruit too many of the wrong employees and you could also notice a high employee turnover. This in turn could lead to a vicious cycle of having to constantly recruit and never being able to keep staff. 

Rushing the recruitment process is more likely to result in your hiring the wrong applicants. By spending more time looking at applications and interviewing applicants, you can make much better hires. You’ll spend less time fixing employee mistakes and less time dealing with employee quarrels, plus staff will be more likely to stick with you longer. 

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