5 Things to Consider Before Getting Your Ears Pierced

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An ear-piercing could transform the way you look. However, you should read through the below points before taking the leap. They have run through everything to consider.

Piercing Location

Usually, the earlobe hurts the least. Piercings in areas with more cartilage hurt the most. They are the toughest to pierce through. This includes the helix, conch, and tragus.

Which part of the ear you’re getting pierced would affect the look of the final product. Think hard before you decide, as a conch earring may not look that great with your face shape.

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Yes, which part of the ear you get pierced would affect the look of the final product, but the design of the earring you get would play a more important role. Make sure it is the right size.

Also, it should have a fine point to easily let you slide it into the opening. Its back should be secure as well. Make sure it’s made from a hypoallergenic material – you could have an allergic reaction otherwise.

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Although there may be many artists doing ear piercings near you, only some may be experienced in what you want. If you want a daith piercing and work with someone that is an expert in it, you would see the best results.

Speak with the piercer to find out what their experience is. Usually, the more well-known studios have artists with the most experience. You’d learn a lot if you check their website too.


You’ll have to clean and take care of the piercing if you want it to heal well. The studio would give you advice on how to take care of it. In general, you would have to clean the wound at least three times a day.

Depending on the piercing you got, you might not be able to take the earring out. A lobe piercing can’t be removed for up to 6 weeks. Meanwhile, a cartilage piercing has to be kept in place for up to 12 weeks.

What would happen if you don’t take care of the piercing? You might get an infection. There is a chance that even if you clean the piercing, it could still get infected, though. You might be touching it before cleaning your hands.

Studio Location

You won’t have to look hard to find a studio offering ear piercings near you. It’s up to you to decide which of them to work with. Getting any part of your body pierced can feel overwhelming, so being in a comfortable setting would help.

If the studio is far, you would spend a long time getting back home from your appointment. This is not smart.

An ear-piercing could transform the way you look. One of the most important points to consider is which part of the ear you would get pierced. Some parts hurt more than others, and a piercing in a certain part may look better than another. Make sure you work with the right studio, as you want someone that is an expert.

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