8 Things To Do Before Visiting France

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France has always been a dream place to visit for every traveler around the world. From aesthetic scenic beauty to diversified cultures and regions– France can satisfy the wanderlust thirst of any traveler.

France is a big country, so before you visit here, there are some tips you should follow.

Visiting the Whole Country in One Trip is a Tough Job

France is a very popular spot for international tourists and there are many places to visit and explore. However, you can explore many cities and towns in one trip but visiting the whole country can be difficult.

So, if you think that you can board flights from Montreal to Paris and visit the whole of France in one go, it is recommended to learn the country’s geography first. By going through the country’s geography, you can make your own decisions and select the places you want to visit first.

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If you are a wine lover and want to enjoy the French wine delicacy, you can easily get confused about which region you want to visit first. Different regions of France are famous for different types of wines. So visiting all of them at once can be a hard task. Just select your favourite type of wine, and select its respective region and enjoy it as much as possible.

Learn some basic French

The French people love their language and generally they don’t like speaking any other language. So, learning some basic French before visiting France would come in really handy. It will help you to interact with the people easily and they will absolutely love to hear their mother tongue from you.

Learning a new language can be very helpful to function your brain more effectively. Make sure you do all the conversions with French people in their native language to brush up your skills before you take flights from Toronto to Paris.

Compliment the French People

The French people love their culture, food and of course wine. So, whenever you are going to eat something, make sure to compliment them appropriately, even if it’s just a glass of wine. In case you say something negative about them, they just may start cursing you.

“The Ring Scam”

There’s a very popular scam in France that fools many tourists everyday. As you are walking around the streets of France enjoying its scenic beauties, a stranger can pass beside you and they will pick up a gold ring from the floor. After that, they will ask you if the ring is yours, in case you say ‘Yes’ out of greed, they will ask for money from you and if you resist they can also call their family members for help. The ring is nothing but made from cheap material and is worth nothing. So always be aware and if someone asks anything about a ring dropped on the floor, simply tell them it’s not yours and move on.

Don’t Leave Valuable Stuff Inside Rental Cars

If you have rented a car for traveling, and when the car is parked in the parking lot outside any touring spot, never leave any valuable stuff inside the car because some parts of France are infamous for robbery and theft. Mostly their main victims are tourists and they always keep an eye on rental cars; in case you have something valuable inside your rental car, they will try their best to steal the thing.

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 Cash is Preferable

Unlike any other country, a card is not a preferable way to pay money. They always prefer cash over a card. Shops that do not sell expensive stuff have some rules to accept cards; for example you have to buy stuff worth at least 10 Euros.

Courtesy must be a priority

Always remember to try to say “bonjour” or “bonsoir when you meet or want to talk with someone. The French people consider it very rude when someone starts a conversation without saying those words. So chances are they will treat you with rudeness in case you forget to say those words before starting your conversation.

Smoking is very common

The French people love to smoke and you can see many people smoking outside cafes and hotels. Therefore, if you are not a smoker and the smoke bothers you, it is recommended to avoid places with smoke or just eat your food inside your hotel room.

Final Words

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France is one of the most traveled places in the world. You will definitely have a good time when you go on holiday to France. Meet new people, witness the awesome landscapes, enjoy local cuisine and wine and make the most of it. Make sure you follow all the Covid-19 norms to keep you and your family safe.

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