7 Things To Know Before Shopping For Print On Demand Products

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In recent times, print on demand products have become increasingly popular among both consumers and entrepreneurs. They offer a way to create personalized items without the need for inventories or upfront investments. Whether you’re interested in fashion, home decor, or accessories, print on demand enables you to bring your vision to life. However, before embarking on your shopping journey for these products, it’s crucial to take into account key factors. This article will provide guidance on seven aspects that will assist you in making informed decisions when purchasing print on demand products.

Ensuring Quality and Supplier Reputation

One of the aspects of buying print on demand products is ensuring that you choose suppliers who prioritize high quality and reliability. Opting for established suppliers, such as Gelato print on demand, not only guarantees superior craftsmanship but also enhances overall customer satisfaction. It is advisable to invest some time researching suppliers and reading customer reviews beforehand. Look for feedback regarding punctual delivery, well-packaged items, and exceptional printing quality. By partnering with such suppliers, you can ensure that your customers receive products that meet their expectations while maintaining the integrity of your brand.

Selecting the Right Materials

Before you make any purchases from a print on demand supplier, it’s important to consider the materials they use in manufacturing their products. Customers appreciate fabrics that can withstand regular use and maintain vibrant colours even after multiple washes. Whether you’re looking for apparel or home goods such as blankets or mugs, choosing high-quality materials will significantly impact product durability and overall feel. It’s an idea to inquire about the materials used by your supplier and perhaps order some sample pieces first to assess their quality.

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Understanding Printing Techniques

Having an understanding of printing techniques is essential when selecting print on demand products. Different methods yield different results. It’s important to ensure that your supplier uses techniques that align with your desired outcome. For apparel items like t-shirts, screen printing is widely popular because it creates long-lasting designs. On the other hand, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing allows for intricate designs and works well for smaller print runs. For surfaces like mugs or phone cases, sublimation or heat transfer methods are preferred options. Meanwhile direct-to-film printing is often chosen for its ability to produce vibrant and durable images on a variety of materials. It’s advisable to choose suppliers who employ the printing technique for your specific product needs.

Finding the Right Price Point and Profit Margins

When shopping for print on demand products, striking a balance between affordability for customers and maintaining profit margins is key. When comparing prices from suppliers, it’s important to find a balance between affordability and quality. You should also consider the platform or marketplace where you’ll be selling your items, as each platform has its fee structures that can impact your profitability. To make the most of this market, it’s advisable to partner with suppliers who offer lower pricing while maintaining high-quality products.

Shipping and Fulfillment

Shipping and fulfillment play a role in the print on demand business model. Remember that delivering products promptly and in good condition is essential for maintaining a reputation. Choose suppliers who prioritize delivery without compromising on quality control measures at their production centers. Take into account their turnaround times and shipping options to ensure they meet your customer’s expectations.

Customization Options

One of the advantages of print on demand products is the ability to provide customization options for customers. Offering a variety of design choices or allowing customers to personalize text or graphics enhances their experience and increases sales potential. Look for suppliers who offer templates or flexible printing options, enabling buyers to create products that truly reflect their own style.


Shopping for print on demand products can be an exciting journey if you have the knowledge and insights at hand. To achieve success in this changing industry, it is crucial to take into account factors such as the reputation of your suppliers, the materials you choose, the printing techniques you employ, your pricing strategies, the efficiency of shipping, and the options for customization. Always prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that the products you offer maintain a level of quality.

By considering these seven aspects, you can confidently venture into your print on demand shopping journey and provide unique merchandise to your loyal customers.

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