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5 Things To Know When Buying A New Hublot Watch

hublot watch

A devoted supporter of The Art of Fusion, Hublot is known for producing watches that strive to raise the bar. Integrating heritage and creativity is at the heart of Hublot, and its power resides in its unique language.

Not scared to learn the rules and then breach them, Hublot’s creative spirit has secured the company a spot in luxury watch memory. It has perfected the art of both timing and design, from the popular Big Bang series to the stylish Classic Fusion range and Hublot’s first-ever linked watch, the Big Bang Referee 2018 World Cup Russia. In purchasing a new Hublot watch, here are five things you must inculcate into your mind and heart for you to feel the essence and spirit of the timepiece.

1. History

Carlo Crocco launched Hublot in 1980, and the company has always been determined to grab people’s attention and feel extraordinary. The company’s goal was straightforward: to explore the possibilities of time mastery with a Hublot watch. Nonetheless, besides being among Switzerland’s youngest companies, it had been trapped. To jumpstart the revolt, the brand enlisted the support of iconic market-guru Jean-Claude Biver.

Rather than creating a fake or leased heritage, Biver accepted the convergence between classical watchmaking and the future. This was founded on the idea of “fusing” high-tech components with mechanical watches, establishing Hublot as the supreme modern watch company.

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2. Innovation

Hublot’s revolutionary nature is focused on innovation, with a strong emphasis on becoming a defender of the “Art of Fusion.” Hublot may be the young kid in the playground, but by not relying on its roots like many other luxury brands, it has waltzed to the rhythm of its own pattern, taking significant steps to raise manufacturing processes to never-before-seen peaks.

Not a brand that is satisfied with remaining idle, Hublot is well-known for challenging the limits of watch design regularly. As part of its dedication to forward-thinking innovative designs, the company shocked fans and watch enthusiasts alike at Baselworld 2018 by unveiling the world’s first connected watch. The Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia guaranteed that football fans worldwide don’t skip a thing during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. It’s a wristwatch that keeps up with the speed of the wonderful sport, from goal-line technology to bringing the holder up to date on the latest results, replacements, and more.

3. Craftsmanship

Hublot is pleased to use cutting-edge fabrics and design processes to bring a 21st-century update to the centuries-old art of craftsmanship. With this in mind, Hublot has long helped to establish innovative horological ideas, with their UNICO campaign serving as a core feature. Over two years, 10 specialists from various fields of watch design collaborated to design and create the in-house movement. Craftsmen introduced the pencil drawing to existence as micro engineers developed a blueprint of the revolution, which was initially drawn on paper.

hublot watch

UNICO appears to be a modern-day powerhouse icon. The precisely designed mechanics often look fantastic through a skeletonized dial, which is a specific area of expertise that favors the brand’s flourishing high-complications collection ranging from tourbillons to the far-out ‘MP’ range and minute repeaters, which was influenced by the engine block of the Ferrari LaFerrari supercar.

4. Materials

When it happens to the product’s quality and design, Hublot always shines. It’s no mystery that the ‘Art of Fusion’ is essential to Hublot’s prosperity. The motto has established the brand’s image being at the frontline of the future of craftsmanship, which is critical to its continuing success. It is a philosophy that is transforming the world of horology one elegant look at a time, from combining unusual materials to imagining entirely new composites.

The Magic Gold formation is the ultimate comparison of Hublot’s dedication to the fusion of extraordinary resources. It’s a ceramic-infused 18k metal crafted in-house that’s effectively scratch-proof and assured to remain clean amid the unavoidable scratches that come with everyday wear.

5. Design

The method of manufacturing each Hublot wristwatch is truly impressive.  Hublot is honored to be open-minded for bringing up new ideas, whether it’s due to a quick surge of creativity or motivation from the past. Concepts are resurrected in the design workshop, and, like with most wonderful ideas, it all begins with a pen and paper. The group sketches out the watch’s components before building the movement around the fresh idea, always keeping purpose and elegance in mind. The team then produces a rough model of the movement and case ensuring functionality.

hublot watch

Each wristwatch is the product of hours of meticulous detail and expert workmanship, maintaining control with every tick. Hublot’s dedication to immaculate architecture has resulted in the case becoming a famous masterpiece in its own right. Persistently developing from the first porthole concept made with a mixture of gold and rubber, it represents the brand’s devotion to constantly moving forward.

In A Nutshell

It is given that when people say they have their Swiss watches, those items are precise, excellent, and above all elegant. Hublot, being among those excellent brands, is creative enough to fuse the traditional elegance and contemporary accuracy in their masterpieces.

hublot watch

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