Thought Beneath Film: Okay, We Really Like This Band

What happens when you take Mariana’s Trench, add a pinch of Faber Drive and top it all off with some Hamilton rock and roll heart? You’re left with the pop-rock band Thought Beneath Film (TBF) and their brand new EP Detours.

Thought Beneath Film

With their debut album, TBF has really put a stamp on their personal style. Hailing proudly from Hamilton, Ontario, Brent and Brian Wirth, David Lindsay, CJ Ricottone and Matt Foster have delivered five very catchy pop rock driven tracks.

With their first single, “If I Could Fix You (You Know That I Would),” radio lovers will pump up the volume and find themselves drumming their fingers to the beat. And like in a few of their other tracks, “False Skin” and “Sixty Six”, the catchy melodies and lyrics will have fanssinging doo doo and bum bum on the top of their lungs until they can sing no more.

Along with the amazing guitar solo in “If I Could Fix You,” Brent’s lead vocals are impressive throughout the EP and listeners will be amazed by his smooth tone and rock vibe. TBF has even surprisingly shown their versatile side in the intro of “Hearts On Overdrive,” creating a very Breakfast Club running-through-the-corridors scene feel. Additionally as they wrap up the track “Sixty Six”, the band is able to show off their softer side. But not to worry; the EP flows very well and keeps the band’s pop rock vibe alive.

So get ready Hedley and Fall Out Boy fans, there’s a new pop rock group on the rise and you better keep your eyes and ears peeled for them because Detours is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Thought Beneath Film

Check them Thought Beneath Film on their YouTube channel!
(Editor’s Note…name change: they are now known as Liteyears)

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