Thriving Ivory: The Critics See Their Potential, Will The Fans?

While critics believe that Thriving Ivory sounds like a band with arena-rock potential, the bulk of their self-titled major label debut was in fact recorded in a basement and initially financed by the band’s parents. “We paid them back with interest, but they were just stoked that we signed a record deal,” says band vocalist Clayton Stroope. “It was cool after years of trying to get one, I stopped telling my parents what was going on because so many times I’d tell them, ‘It’s going to happen this time,’ and then I’d have to come back from New York and say, ‘No, sorry.'” After numerous label rejections the San Francisco quintet—Scott Jason, Drew Cribley, Bret Cohune, Paul Niedermeir and Stoope —is now using its early struggles as a way to remain level-headed, even if the big stage awaits them.

Thriving Ivory

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