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Are The New Nutella Pockets From Tim Hortons Any Good?

They had us at “Nutella”

For a limited time only our favourite Canadian coffee shop Tim Hortons will be selling two new Nutella donuts – the Chocolate Hazelnut Donut and Pastry Pockets which are both filled with, you guessed it, Nutella. Plus they’ve added Nutella as a spreading option (hello peanut butter and Nutella bagels for breakfast!).

As the curious journalists we are, we decided to eat the Nutella pastry pockets for the first time on camera. Check out the video below for our thoughts.




So obviously it was a big hit! So if you’re reading this Tim Hortons, please keep the Nutella donuts (or at least the pastry pockets) because they’re true winners in our eyes…and stomachs.

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