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Time To Celebrate You

Throughout the year we celebrate so many holidays. From Mother’s Day to Christmas to something as silly as National Cake Day, we just cannot get enough days to celebrate everything. Thankfully, March 26th is National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! Seems simple right? The hardest part about enjoying this day is figuring out what to celebrate. Take the day to celebrate the little things in life and focus on yourself! Here are four ways to take this holiday and celebrate you:

1. Watch A Movie Day

So many movies, so little time. Well now’s the time to watch something you haven’t been able to see! Take some time out of your day to sit down and relax while catching up on all the latest flicks.

Watching a Movie

2. Treat Yourself Day

There’s nothing like spending the day getting pampered. Whether it’s taking a hot bath with the coolest bath bombs or buying something you’ve had your eye on for a while, today’s the day to treat yourself to something special!

Spa Day

3. No Homework Day

School is always a main stressor for everyone. If you have nothing due the next day, take a day off!


4. Home-Cooked Meal Day

Although eating out or ordering in is usually the easiest thing to do, a home cooked meal is so much healthier and tastier! Go grocery shopping and make something you have always wanted to try. This way you’re saving money and pampering your taste buds.


Now go celebrate life and enjoy yourself!

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