And Now It’s Time For…Last November

This band is taking it over the top!

Last November

Previously featured on MTV shows like The Real World, Last November is gaining momentum with their Over the Top or Under the Weather and their newly released EP Tug o’ War.

The three members(Luke Pilgrim, vocals; Tyler Ayers, bass and vocals; Taylor Woodruff, drums and vocals) have been friends since high school, where they first started the band. Luke, used to performing from a very young age, wrote a lot of songs for their first album, All the Gory Details, when he was 15, and is setting his sights on the top—of the music chart, that is.

The band has been touring a lot in the past year and now that the holidays are through, they hope to hit the road hard again and get in as many tour dates as possible. Connecting personally with their fans is of huge importance to Last November. “Internet and everything is a great tool,” Luke comments, “but it’s not the same as going there and touring.”

Faze caught up with Luke just before the holidays to talk about the new music video for their single “Julie,” life on the road and the bright future that is just ahead for this band. Check it out!

Last November

FAZE: Where did you end up recording the music video?

LUKE: We were in California and we had a day off, so we just decided to shoot a music video. We also saw Route 66—it’s a small town; like seriously, it’s a ghost town and these people basically own the whole town and they let us shoot all day. It was probably 108 degrees. It was awful, but it was totally worth it; I felt like I was Bon Jovi or something. It was just like this epic rock video in the desert.

FAZE: You guys are spending quite a bit of time on the road—what is the best thing about touring?

LUKE: When on tour, I wake up in a different place every day. It’s really kind of an amazing experience because you meet people all over [the] US. All my best friends live in a different state, which is kind of a drag, but when I tour [I get to see them]. And [we] meet people who generally love our band and they found out about us somehow on the internet.

Last November

FAZE:Where would you love to perform in the future and with what band?

LUKE: I really want to go to the UK and try to put together a world tour, hopefully soon. That’s kind of what my goal is right now. A band that I would love to perform with right now is Jimmy Eat World. They’re probably one of my favourite bands; I listened to them in high school and they influenced me a lot.

FAZE: So when you do get some downtime, what do you like to do just for fun?

LUKE: You know, I don’t know; I haven’t done anything just for fun in a long time! We have been so busy, I hardly have time; I guess I love going to see movies.

FAZE: What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately?

LUKE: I saw Zombieland on Halloween with my friends, in zombie outfits. I am talking not just a little makeup; we spent two hours getting ready. I had so much makeup I looked like a dead person. My mom had like, a heart attack when she saw me. The girl at the checkout could hardly give us the tickets; she was freaking out so much. I was like “I’m not a really zombie, I hope you understand that.”

FAZE: What do you think are the 3 keys to success in the music business?

LUKE: Personal motivation—I don’t think that most people realize how much work it is…there are hundreds and hundreds of bands; everyone has their MySpace and everyone can put their music out there, and it makes it harder and harder. What else? Good songwriting—sitting there for months writing a good song, making sure that every line is as good as it can be.  I feel like writing relatable music is very important, music that other people can relate to and understand. Then learning your instrument—I guess that’s one too because people want to see a killer rock ‘n’ roll show. I mean, there are plenty of bands who have great records, but can’t pull it off live. I think that’s really important; especially nowadays, when not as much value is placed on the live show or where people can’t tell the difference.

Watch the new Last November video, “Julie,” and keep your eyes out for this rising talent!

Bonus video: “Firefly”

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