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Time For The “Wingin’ It” Stars to Fly


All good things must come to an end.

After three funny, heartfelt and all-around solid seasons, the series finale of the Family Channel original series Wingin’ It is due to air on May 25th. Needless to say, fans will be sad to see it go.

Wingin' It Stars, dylan everettBut before they shed their Wingin’ It identities, Faze caught up with Demetrius Joyette (Porter) and Dylan Everett (Carl) to chat about the finale, the prom and their promising futures.

Telling the story of a loveable angel-in-training trying to earn his wings by helping a typical, clumsy high school student gain popularity, Dylan and Demetrius describe the show’s finale as “bittersweet.”

“It’s sad to see everyone go,” says Dylan, “We had a tight-knit group like a family.”

“It is sad,” Demetrius agrees. “I had so much fun working on this show, and [in the finale], viewers will both be overcome with joy and sadness!”

The final episode takes place at Carl’s prom, just as Dylan’s real life prom is right around the corner. “My dream prom is to show up in a white limo dressed to the nines with all my friends surrounding me,” Dylan says about his own prom, one he’ll be attending the same week as his on-screen character. “I want a huge ceremony and to be crowned prom king. I think it will be great to spend time with my friends.”

Wingin' It Stars, dylan everett

Both boys can also be seen on the current season of Degrassi, so saying goodbye to Wingin’ It will hardly give either of them a break. “At first it was a bit of a handful to juggle everything,” explains Demetrius about finding the balance between filming, his personal life and schooling. “Over time, I’ve gotten the hang of it.”

At first, Dylan found himself overwhelmed with responsibilities in Grade Nine. “I did independent schooling,” he says, stressing the importance of a social life as well. “I made sure to stay in touch with my friends. I didn’t want to feel like I missed out on anything.”

So what can fans expect to see from Dylan and Demetrius in the future? You can keep your eyes open for Dylan on the small screen, while Demetrius wants to head for the world film.

As for the finale, the stars are excited for their fans to see the last episode of a show they’re proud of. “The [final] episode is full of ups and downs, but it has a happy outcome,” Dylan wraps up on the final time he and Demetrius will share the Wingin’ It screen. “There are some sad parts, but I think fans will walk away satisfied.”

Wingin' It Stars, dylan everett


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