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Handy Tips For Assembling Your First Cosplay

jillea cosplay queen maleficent
Queen of cosplay, Jillea, in one of her favourite self-made costumes as Maleficent

Cosplay is a passion that attracts more popularity every year. With the continued rise of comics, games, and pop culture classics like Star Wars, there’s no better time than now to throw together a costume and get into the mind of your favorite character. While cosplay might seem like a daunting hobby without costume-making experience, there are plenty of ways to get your foot in the door and learn on the go.

Consider Premade Options

It’s easy to assume that everyone builds their own props. In some cases this is true, and the results can be truly impressive. However, new cosplayers attempting to build everything from scratch might experience burnout. There’s a lot to master in the field of construction, and sometimes it’s a smarter option to purchase what you need. It’s always worth checking out customizable options like real lightsabers to give you that imaginative spark while ensuring the craftsmanship of a professional. You might even find others asking where you got your props!

Learn from Your Mistakes

A lesson worth learning in any creative field is the necessity of failure. There’s no shame in stumbling along the way. When you develop a new hobby, it’s important to maintain a critical viewpoint for your own mistakes and to seek advice. Ask what you could do differently and what you’ve succeeded at, and take it to heart. With time, your creative eye will develop. Whether you’re building a costume or purchasing props like real lightsabers, the principle remains the same: practice makes perfect.

Try Your Best and Have Fun

Cosplay is a social hobby fueled by creativity and encouragement. There’s no better feeling than showing up with a new cosplay and hearing praise from your favorite creators. As Vocal Media puts it, try not to get intimidated. Be proud of the work you’ve accomplished and remember that it’s not a competition. There’s no need to compare yourself to others; instead, remember that cosplayers all share a passion, and that’s a wonderful thing.

If cosplay is a hobby that sounds interesting to you, then you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. Remember to have fun, don’t be afraid to buy your costume or props, and don’t get discouraged by mistakes. If you keep all this in mind, you’re sure to have a blast. Enjoy the ride, and don’t be surprised if you learn a few invaluable life skills!

cosplay captain america Jillea
Global superstar cosplay artist Jillea makes all her own costumes.

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