4 Tips When Dealing With A Moving Company In Canada

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Canadians are moving around quite a lot these days. Did you know that Alberta saw more than 23,1322 new residents from across the country? With more people willing to move around to take advantage of opportunities and affordable housing, it’s clear that moving companies are seeing good business.

Do you need to relocate your home or office within the country but feel unsure about the process? Well, we don’t blame you. Hiring a moving company that genuinely offers good service feels extremely hard these days. If you think it’s just a gut feeling, you would be mistaken.

CBC News conducted an investigative report and found that the experience of moving around in Canada was surprisingly frustrating. From sudden price hikes to delays, there seem to be many ways that moving companies can test your patience. In this article, we will look at four tips that can help ensure your move goes without a hitch.

1.  Ensure They Aren’t a Broker


You see, there are two types of moving companies. The first is what you traditionally think of, which is a company that owns trucks, hires staff, and handles packing and transportation. The second type is an intermediary who doesn’t really own any trucks or staff. Instead, they act as a sort of matchmaker and connect you with the trucking companies they work with.

It’s easy to confuse them because they often advertise themselves in a similar manner to trucking companies. They are known as brokers. You want to avoid them because you give up a lot of control when you trust them to organize things.

Communication issues are a common problem, along with higher costs and a lack of accountability when things go wrong. It’s always best to cut out the middlemen and work directly with a moving company.

2. Pack Well But Always Take Valuables Separately

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Canada is a big country, and if you happen to be moving from one side to the other, it can be quite a long haul. Sure, you can search for the best long-distance movers in Canada, but always take extra precautions. Even if you find a great mover, accidents still happen, and there’s no point in having regrets when it’s too late.

According to MTS Moving, selecting the right packaging materials is just as important as choosing a good moving company. So, while your moving company will typically bring boxes, it doesn’t hurt to invest in sturdy ones for items you are concerned about.

Of course, if you have any precious goods, always take them separately, regardless of your packing skills.

3. Do a Thorough Inspection Before Signing Any Documents

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Once the move is over and your belongings are at their destination, you might be exhausted. Moving is a tiresome process, even with the help of professional movers. However, don’t let your guard down just yet. You might be asked to sign closing papers, but insist on inspecting all your belongings properly first.

A lot of people just sign because they trust the moving company and don’t feel like doing an inspection immediately. However, this is a big mistake because you might discover unacceptable damage to your belongings. If you signed any waivers, then you can kiss the thought of compensation goodbye.

4. Ensure You Don’t Get Blindsided By Hidden Costs

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Even though people are aware of the potential for extra costs, they still fail to investigate things properly. Moving can already be an expensive affair, and when companies decide to drop sudden charges on you, it can be a shock.

For instance, you often see this when there’s a small delay. “Storage Fees” are now suddenly a part of your final bill. The longer any of your belongings were with the moving company, the higher the bill.

Likewise, weekend and holiday rates, long carry fees, and ‘extra’ services like furniture disassembly can all add up to a good amount. Thus, to avoid paying several hundred dollars in hidden costs, ensure you do your research. Look up the fee structure on their official website, and if it’s not clear, call them up and clarify as much as possible.

In conclusion, moving across Canada is not something you take lightly. Even though it’s 2024, the logistics of transporting all your belongings across the country is still tough. When you factor in moving companies that make things worse with poor service, it’s no wonder that you feel nervous.

Thankfully, there are enough resources on the internet that you can make use of during your research. It’s also worth remembering that these days, online reviews don’t carry as much weight as they used to. Companies often pay for good testimonials, so dig a little deeper when looking up the moving company you are thinking of using.

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