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9 Tips For Driving More Traffic To Your Blog

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We’ve all seen bloggers and social media influencers who make hundreds of thousands of dollars by staying at home and writing and creating content. Maybe this is what inspired you to start your blog. You wanted to make a great income by being your own boss and working from home, but the traffic just isn’t there. However, there are a few things that you can do to get started driving that traffic fast.

Create More Content

One of the best ways to drive more readership is by creating more content more often. This is a lot of hard work because you really have to be on top of the content machine and pumping out several blog posts a week. However, the work is worth the reward.

Understand that most of your traffic will come from Google search results. As you produce content more frequently, Google will take notice and place your blog higher in search results. This is because the search algorithm favors recent and relevant content over blog posts that have been sitting for several years. It also gives preference to websites that are established and regularly updating content.

Understand that the bulk of your website’s traffic is likely to be driven by Google search results. Regularly producing content will catch Google’s attention, leading to a higher ranking of your blog in search outcomes. This is attributed to the search algorithm’s bias towards fresh and pertinent content, rather than blog posts that have become outdated over several years. Moreover, Google shows a preference for well-established websites that consistently update their content. Engaging content writers from companies like Compose.ly can play a pivotal role in this strategy. These skilled writers specialize in crafting content that aligns with the latest trends and relevancy required by search algorithms and maintains a consistent flow of high-quality, engaging posts, further boosting your website’s standing in search results.

Promote it on Social Media

The best free promotion is social media. You can easily share your blog posts across multiple social media platforms at no cost even if you don’t have a following. Do your research on trending hashtags and when your audience is online to know what kinds of posts to create and when. This works well with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can even post snippets of your blog to Tumblr and drive more readers from there.

Make Videos

Videos provide a lot of value to blogs and can improve click-through rates by as much as 65%. This means that those who are searching for topics found on your blog are 65% more likely to click your link when there’s an accompanying video than if there isn’t. This is huge!

When you’re starting out, don’t feel like your videos need to have incredibly high production value or be long and elaborate. Short videos that get the point across perform just as well. The important part is properly conveying the message.

Write Catchy Titles

Make sure you’re writing catchy titles that people want to click. It doesn’t have to get to the extent of click-bait, but you need to catch the reader’s interest before they even get to the article. You can do things like tease a big reveal, give a numbered list of tips or tricks (it got you here didn’t it?), or put a twist on titles for similar blog posts on other websites. Be sure to include targeted keywords in your title, but don’t overuse them. This brings us to our next point.

Do Keyword Research

Know the search words and phrases that you want your blog and blog posts to be found for on Google. If you’re writing a bunch of posts about how to train a puppy, you’re not going to show up in searches for the latest fashion trends. Google and other search engines with “read” your blog posts to find out what they’re about, then index them and provide them to searchers as the most useful and relevant information.

Find out how people are searching for topics that you want to write about and include the appropriate search terms in your titles and blog posts. There are a number of keyword research tools across the web that are free to use and provide a boon of information.

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Understand Your Audience

There’s more to blogging than simply sitting down and writing posts. You need to know who your audience is and what they like. Most blogging platforms will provide you with a certain level of analytics. It’s not the fun part of blogging, but it’s important to sit down and take a look at this information periodically so you have an idea of who’s reading your content. When you know who’s reading, you can create better content to cater to their wants.

Invite Guest Writers

No matter what field you’re in, building a strong network can lead to tremendous success. As a blogger, you can build a network of other bloggers and writers who are trying to establish themselves as well by inviting guest writers to your blog. Guest writers will do most of the promotion legwork for you because they’re going to want to bring their audience with them to see what they’ve written for you.

Work With an Influencer

This also works in reverse. Pitch yourself to another blog that already has a large following and readership. You can make yourself known to another audience of readers by getting your name on a byline of another blogger’s website. Most bloggers will welcome this because it cuts down on the amount of work they have to do and, again, provides them with free promotion. Furthermore, this is someone who can teach you more about how to be an influencer yourself.

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Hire Freelancers

If you haven’t noticed by now, content production is a lot of work. When you’re doing all the writing, video production, and social media promotion by yourself, it can really add up and take more time than you have. Take some of this load off by hiring freelancers. If you have the money to invest in your blog, you can:

  • Hire writers to create blog posts for you a few times a week.
  • Outsource your video production.
  • Find a newly-graduated social media expert to create daily posts for you.

Driving more traffic to your blog is a big deal. It’s the only way that you’re going to find the success that you want and become a full-time blogger. Yes, it takes a ton of time and effort to build up your blog, but if you’re willing to put it in, you’ll reap the rewards that come over time.

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