Tips For Getting Some Good Summer Sleep


Most of us have stuff to do in the summertime, like summer jobs or cramming in hours of well-deserved fun, so it’s important to be fully rested and able to focus 100% on whatever you happen to be doing.

Even if you don’t have any commitments, you won’t have as much fun hanging out with friends if you’re yawning every thirty seconds or falling asleep in the middle of a beach volleyball game.

But there are things you can do to overcome the urge to snooze:


✷ Turn off the tube.

Fight the urge to stay up in front of your television by setting your PVR to record your favourite shows, so you can watch them later.

✷ Tough love.

If you spend endless hours on your computer or cellphone chatting with friends, tell them to remind you to go offline at a certain time. Or better yet, have them block you to force you to leave. If video games are your weakness, turn on the sleep timer on your television so that you’ll be forced to turn off the game after a while (just be sure to save first!).

sleeping girl✷ Hide the light.

Create a sleep-friendly room by covering up windows and cracks around your doorframe to make your surroundings pitch black.

✷ Clear your mind.

If you can’t sleep because your mind is constantly buzzing, try turning on a calming CD with soft music, peaceful noises (such as running water) or white noise (ambient sounds). Alternatively, you might want to try these best organic sleep aids that can help to relax your mind and have a good summer sleep

✷ Get into the mood.

If you’re tired but your eyes just refuse to close, try reading. The monotonous, repetitive movements and lack of effort required help get your into a relaxed mindset.

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