7 Can’t Miss Tips For Keeping The Pounds Off This Summer 

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The weather is awesome, and after the year we all have had, you are probably looking forward to enjoying quality time with friends and family. Unfortunately, summer food and drinks, tasty and refreshing as they are, have high calories that can quickly add on the pounds. One way to ensure you enjoy the summer without the risk of putting on weight is by enrolling for the Nutrisystem diet delivery.  

The type of food you eat is not the only thing that should be of concern even as you accept invitations to summer parties. You also need to consider how the food is prepared. Choosing healthier meals means you get to enjoy good food and drinks without worrying about their effect on your weight. 

These tips will ensure you enjoy your summer without the fears or regrets of weight gain. 

Plan activities that keep you physically active

Many people pile on the pounds during summer because they eat and drink a lot. They also don’t exercise to burn calories. Being physically active will help you avoid the guilt after indulging in food and drinks you normally avoid. 

If you are going on vacation, you should intentionally choose activities, such as cycling and hiking, to remain active. If you spent this time lounging by the pool, you would probably be snacking or drinking. 

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Book holiday accommodations with a cooking area

People who eat out a lot tend to be at risk of putting on more weight than those who prepare their meals. If you are going on holiday, you could book a condo instead of staying at a hotel. It might cost you more to get a place with a kitchen. However, you will have the freedom to prepare some of your meals, which will save you some money. 

This way, you can avoid high-calorie meals on the restaurant menu. Even if you don’t cook all your meals, at least you will not rely entirely on restaurant food during your entire holiday. 

Eat like a food critic

Have you noticed how much food critics eat? Often, they rely on the first taste to determine how good the food is. Sometimes, that is all you need. Instead of ordering your dessert, you could ask for a piece from another person’s plate. 

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Use tasty treats as an occasional reward

Eating healthy is difficult when there is plenty of greasy and tasty food at the table. Saying no to a high-calorie tasty dessert may seem easy on the first day. However, as the days go by, the temptation becomes stronger. 

Instead of giving into every single meal that isn’t good for you, why not look at the dessert as a treat for resisting the food temptation? For example, if you choose healthy meals every few days, you get your treat. 

Maintain healthy sleeping habits

If you have taken time off work, you may be tempted to stay up late and sleep in. However, staying up later may mean indulging in late-night treats and drinks. You are also likely to avoid physical activity because of exhaustion. A drastic change in your routine will affect how you eat and work out, and this may cause you to put on weight. 

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Join community activities

Wherever you go, you’ll discover groups that perform physical activities together. For example, if you are not physically active but are an avid gardener, you can find out if there are groups involved in community gardening. This activity will keep you occupied, and you will get to meet new people who share your passion. If you enjoy biking, joining a group will help you maintain your exercise routine. 

Eat before attending parties.

This seems counterproductive when attending a party where food and drinks are in plenty. However, arriving hungry means indulging more than you would have, had you arrived at the party when full. 

Intentionally planning what to eat, drink, and your activities will help you avoid summer weight gain. If you drink liquor, you need to know the number of calories you are consuming. Drinking excessive alcohol does not only mean consuming large amounts of calories. You will also lose some control, meaning you may end up eating foods you would normally avoid. 

Losing weight pre-summer is sometimes an excuse for gaining weight during summer. However, if you don’t control the food and drinks you consume, you may end up piling more weight than you intended. Using the excuse of weight loss to have carefree summer may end up being a mistake. Instead, maintain your healthy eating and activity routines to help you keep the pounds off.

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