Five Tips For Safer Online Gaming

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Over the past 10 months or so, online activities of all types have surged in popularity. With other options dramatically reduced, Zoom meetings and Netfix movie nights have become the norm in millions of households. The gaming industry has also won a whole lot of new devotees. Even in the days of “old normality,” gaming was being heralded as the new leisure pursuit of choice, and the industry was worth as much as the movie and music sectors combined. Today, we can all benefit from a little escapism, and the industry is booming like never before.  

Playing online brings numerous advantages over traditional console gaming. Most of us have a smartphone or PC, thousands of games can be played at zero cost, and social aspects mean it is not just the player taking on the computer. Inevitably, however, this new level of popularity has not escaped the notice of scammers, spammers and other undesirables. Here are some tips for enjoying online gaming safely.  

Keep your virus protection and spyware up to date

There is a misconception that viruses only affect Windows PCs. Yet Macs and even iOS or Android devices can also be attacked, so it is vital that you have protection in place. We won’t delve deeply into the question of choosing virus protection here. Suffice it to say that there are numerous alternatives out there, and whether you choose a free or paid option, the most important thing is to ensure it is up to date.  

Use authorized sources for downloads

Apps have become one of the most popular mechanisms by which hackers get malware onto your device. Installing from reputable sources like Google Play or the Apple app store is far safer than obtaining them from third party sites. The exception here is for iGaming enthusiasts, as the big two do not offer gambling games. If casino is your game of choice, opt for a recognized platform like ComeOn Canada that has an established reputation. Avoid sites that appear overnight, even if they are offering deals that seem too good to be true, as they are liable to disappear just as rapidly.  

Keep personal details personal

We all know to exercise common sense when it comes to passwords, but you should also think hard about usernames. Avoid anything that gives away personal details such as your full name, email address or date of birth. Likewise, don’t disclose personal information in chats with other players. Treat players who press for this kind of information with caution.  


Trading in-game assets

There are numerous scams that involve people being fleeced out of real-world money in exchange for in-game assets like skins. The good news is that games where this sort of problem is rife, such as CS:GO and Diablo 3 typically have strong community support, so visit the message boards regularly to stay abreast of what’s going on.  

Disposing of hardware

When the time comes to replace your phone, tablet or laptop, ensure your old device is wiped, regardless of whether you are selling or scrapping it. The exact mechanism for doing so will depend on the device, but the few minutes it takes to research how to do it can save you a world of pain further down the line. 

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