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Tips For Speeding Up Your Internet Connection

We’d all like to have blazing-fast internet, but not everyone has “blazing-fast internet” money. Before you elevate to the next highest internet speed with your provider, there may be a few tricks you haven’t used yet to speed up your internet connection. Spend time before you spend money.

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See Which Devices Are Connected to the Internet

More devices than ever have internet-connectivity capabilities, such as tablets, phones, video game systems, and printers. Double-check these devices in your home to see if they’re on Wi-Fi mode and connected to your internet. If they are and you aren’t using them, they’re slowing down your internet speed. It’s best to actually shut off all devices capable of connecting to the internet if you aren’t using them. That’s because they may be set to automatically download and install updates as they become available, which drains internet bandwidth.

Restart Your Router

Just like your computer needs to be shut off so it can rest every now and then, the same applies to your router. Specifically, unplug your router from the outlet for at least 10 seconds before plugging it back in. It’ll take a moment for it to reconnect to the internet, but after that, it could strengthen and speed your connection.

Check your internet speed

Before speeding up your internet it is very important to know what’s your current internet speed, that includes your download speed, upload speed and your ping. There are various tools that are available to help you test your internet speed. Websites like will give you a quick, accurate reading of your internet speed without any installation.

Check Your Data Caps

While you explored HughesNet reviews to determine whether it was the best ISP for you, you may have noticed data caps for any other ISPs you were considering. Data caps put a limit on the amount of data you’re allowed to use each billing month. Once you go over that cap, your internet speeds will start to slow down. Look over recent internet bills to see what your cap is. If you find you constantly blow past the cap, you may want to look into upgrading you regular monthly speed.

Consider Changing Your Router’s Location

The importance of location isn’t restricted to real estate. Objects and corners can block the strength of your router’s signal, which can restrict your internet speed. Do what you can to leave as much open air as possible between your router and your computer, taking special care to remove metal objects from your router’s path.

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Change the Channel on Your Wireless Router

Just as you may want to change to EarthLink internet after reading EarthLink reviews, you may want to change the channel on your wireless router after reading this article. Depending on where you live, such as the suburbs or an urban area, there could be interference from your neighbor’s internet connection that’s lagging yours down. If this could be the case, change your router channel to something higher, like 6 or 11, to see if that helps reduce interference and help your internet speed break free.

Install Antivirus Software

The root of your problem could be that you have malware on your computer and don’t even realize it. Most malware targets your internet bandwidth, causing lag. If you haven’t already, download a reliable antivirus program to sweep your computer to determine whether it’s safe. Even if it turns out that you don’t have malware, you could have other issues crippling your connection to the internet. In any case, it’s always good to have reliable antivirus software on your computer.

Consider an Ethernet Cable

There’s no doubting that Wi-Fi is the craze these days. With that in mind, its popularity could also be the reason your internet connection is sluggish. With an ethernet connection, you’ll use a cable to connect your device to your router to establish a connection to the internet. Examples of devices that pair the best with ethernet cables include laptop and desktop computers, TVs, and game consoles. Besides a faster connection, you’ll also have a faster connection.

Try out a few of these tips to see if they don’t set your connection to the internet on fire.

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