6 Tips For Women Going Out On A First Date

Often the first dates tend to very scary. It is quite understandable, as you are meeting someone new and in order to know them better; you have to put yourself out there. However, the truth is, at times, your first dates will suck. But that does not mean that you do not try. These experiences are necessary. How else do you expect to find your life partner if you do not step out of your bubble? Your first date is where you make all-important impressions, of your date and your compatibility.. Based on this impression; both of you decide whether to move ahead to the second date or not. Here are some useful first date tips that all women can use:

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Plan ahead, and be relaxed and confident

We understand that the first date may give you anxiety and leave you feeling stressed. However, the best way to overcome this stress and anxiety is to plan in advance and keep yourself at ease.

‘Anytime I go on a date for the first time with a guy, I always jam to my playlist. This relaxes me like nothing,’ shares Ruby, an educator who offers online marketing assignment help for college students.

Well, that is one way to calm yourself. Alternatively, you can even go to a relaxing spa, which will make you feel more confident and relaxed about yourself. If you please, you can browse through their social media accounts to get a better idea of their personality. You can even search for some interesting conversation starters on the internet.

However, you know what? We recommend you take it easy. Do not go so in-depth with your first date preparations. Do anything that can relieve your stress and be easy. If you already know the restaurant where the two of you are going, you can browse through the menu and maybe pre-decide what you want to eat. This, too, can make you seem very confident. The guy will feel that you know what you want, which can be an absolute charmer.

On the other hand, if your first date is at a museum, you can probably check-out some online facts about that museum that you can share with them to strive a conversation. The idea is simple – Do anything that puts you at ease and makes you feel better prepared for the date. Always remember, a little effort can undoubtedly take you a long way.

Pick the right location

The location that you pick for the date sets the entire tone and mood of the date. Unless you are aware of the kind of activities that your date likes and appreciates, it is best to opt for a low-pressure and neutral place where the two of you can focus on getting to know each other and gauging whether the two of you can move on forward or call it a night.

One of the worst date experiences can be if you go to a restaurant, and even before you order food, you realize that the two of you are just not meant to be. In this case, you will be stuck in an awkward situation.

So, instead of opting for a movie and a dinner date, we recommend going to a relaxed coffee shop or a hip bar. This casual environment can set the mood right and give you a chance to have a light and fantastic conversation with your partner, sans any pressure.

Erica, an educator who offers online assignment help Adelaideshares that, ‘I always prefer going to a café for a date because then you do not have to spend a lot on buying an expensive meal unnecessarily, and you can always dress down.’

Well, yes, bars and cafes are great because whenever you feel uncomfortable, you can leave then and there, but of course, if you hit it off well, you can take it forward just as you like.

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Who will pay?

This is often a debated subject, but let us settle this once and for all. See, it is absolutely fine to allow the guy to pay, especially if he is the one who initiated the date. More so, if he has agreed to be on a date with you, there is a good chance that he is better prepared to take charge of the entire date, and that does include the money factor too.

However, it goes without saying that girls, too, can offer to pay, and guys appreciate when a girl does that. Nonetheless, if it is the first date, there is no obligation for you to Dutch. If the guy offers to pay, it is more like he wishes to treat you to a good time. More so, it is your first date, and this small detail is nothing to sweat upon. Have a good time, and decide whether you want to take him on a second date where you can treat him or split the bill.

‘My dating rule is simple – If it is the first date, we split the bill, and if we decide to take it forward, we pay every alternate date,’ comments Samara, an online economics tutor

So, to each their own.

Pick a nice, comfortable outfit

At times, women find it quite challenging to pick the right date night outfit. You may want your date to pull the chair and open the door for you, but you also wish to keep it casual and relaxed. So, the idea is to maintain the right balance between style and comfort. You can opt for a comfortable pair of denim with a strappy tank top or an off-shoulder top. Please, do not wear something that you are not used to wearing. It would help if you looked comfortable in your outfit, and your outfit should represent who you are as a person. In general, you can opt for your favorite embellished top with fitted denim and a pair of heels.

Let your friends or family know where you are going

It is significant, especially for women going on a first date. You should always call or text a family member or a friend, tell them you are going on a first date with someone, and share the date’s precise location. Additionally, give them an overview of the person – name and how you met them. Lastly, give them an exact time when they should check on if you do not call or text yourself. In this manner, you will be safer as you know that someone has your back at the end of your date night.

Come as yourself

Your first date is the foundation of your relationship (if, of course, it moves forward). Thus, you must come as you and show them your real self. Do not try to be someone you are not, only to impress your date. It can be problematic for you in the long-run. So, be real and authentic, and let them like you for you.

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These are six important tips that all women should consider whenever go on their first dates. Have more suggestions to add to the list? Let us know!

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