Tips On How To Pump Up Your Essay Writing Skills

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If good writing is not your forte, this article will explain how you can improve the way you write essays. Even if you study engineering or medicine and you think it is not so necessary, good writing is fundamental for the continuation of your studies (specializations, masters, and doctorates) and all aspects of life, basically.

If you need essay writing help, here are some ideas that can help you to improve your skills. What makes a good copywriter is a practice and the habit of reading, by the way.

Many forget that they can write personalized emails, letters, and research papers to improve their interpersonal relationships and professional status. Read on and take note!

Habits to Improve Writing

A good copywriter or writer is characterized by thinking before writing, so don’t underestimate the power of words and the position of commas and semicolons in your essays writing. There are a lot of services that provide custom writings and can help you to write competent papers.

1. Be a varied reader

To improve your writing skills, you must broaden your reading spectrum. If you always turn to literary narrative books, you are probably already limited in terms of content and form, or if you only read news, you will also have structural flaws.

At this point, we recommend reading scientific articles, interpretive articles, blogs, essays, paper researches, reports, poems, chronicles, among others.

2. Type of written work

Something that can stop you at the time of writing is not knowing the established form of the type of writing. Many do not know its structure and basic characteristics.

It is important to first establish what you plan to write: an essay? a column? a letter? a report? and then, order your ideas according to what is suggested in each case.

3. Repetition of words

Written discourse has harmony when it is rich in words. Avoid repeating them unless it is unavoidable or you intend to emphasize something. We recommend that you use synonyms and only repeat every other paragraph.

4. Contextualization

To contextualize what you need to do is to justify your ideas with examples. As you do this you will find out if what you are saying makes sense and if it is indeed worth being told.

5. Empathy

Empathy means being able to understand what other people feel and to respect those feelings. When writing argumentative essays, take into consideration whether what you want to express represents a concrete reality and whether it does justice to those involved in your story. Also detail possible causes, motivations, repercussions, and consequences of hypothetical or real cases.

6. Use of quotation marks

One of the nightmares is to see how people exaggerate the use of quotation marks. Believe us, you can be sarcastic without using quotation marks. We only recommend them for quotations and for titles of works.


Sometimes other people say it better than you. Quoting those who made the difference serves to support the line of thought of what we want to write.

You can also mention treaties, books, or laws.

8. Separating ideas

You have two options: go from macro to micro or from micro to macro; that is, in the first, you address your main hypothesis and then break it down into points, and in the second you start with small ideas from which you use to point out a proposal, the fact in question or my opinion.

  • Outline: Before sitting down to write, make an outline or idea map of the points you want to address.
  • Intertitles: If it is necessary to highlight any point of what you want to express, we recommend that you make intertitles.

9. Re-reading and proofing

Nothing should be sent, printed, or read in public without first reviewing it.

Just as when we read a book twice and we do not understand it the same way, it can happen that the idea of the writing may be perceived by the reader as ambiguous. Likewise, as perfection does not exist, it is most likely that one or another spelling or typing error will be missed, so read it twice or even three times.

Essay Writing Study

We hope that these tips will help you improve your essay writing skills to the highest level!

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