5 Tips To Avoid Fake Profiles On Dating Websites

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Online dating platforms have eased the way people looking to get partners without going out there to search. Also, it has enabled millions of people to find meaningful and long-lasting relationships. Unfortunately, online dating scammers join these platforms to deceive other people. Luckily, this write-up will show you how to avoid fake profiles on online dating platforms.

1. Use Of Profile Power Words

When it comes to online dating, the keywords to avoid are Catholic, Ph.D., windowed, Nigeria, royalty, and self-employed since they are found on most fake online profiles. Online dating scammers want to catch your attention, so they use photos or words that will spark your interest. They create profiles having specific people in mind that they are targeting to get better results.

Therefore, if you come across a profile emphasizing these words, it most probably belongs to a scammer. Although you can find genuine profiles using these keywords, consider it a red flag. So, rather than disregarding the profile immediately, do some research to see whether any other signs show it is a fake profile.

Even though there are scammers on dating sites, do not allow the fear of the unknown to prevent you from finding your soul mate. So, research more about the dating site you wish to join before registering with them. If you like dating black people, then search for dating apps for local black singles on the web and read reviews. These dating experts have researched and tested various dating apps and sites on your behalf. Their review will help you choose a dating platform to fulfill your relationship goals.

2. Incomplete Profiles And One Perfect Photo

A lot of fake profiles are poorly prepared. Although some scammers may have multiple photos, many have one or two pictures. Their profile has minimal information about them. In some cases, they forgo pictures of people and go for animal images.

However, it does not imply that all people with such pictures are scammers. Some value their privacy, and so they share minimal information. However, the scammers purposely share minimal information because they have fabricated their profiles

3. Try Hard Profile Photos

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Most online dating scammers upload stolen photos on their online dating profiles. Some even steal multiple images from an individual profile to have pictures to share for different occasions. It also enables them to have options when a victim asks for a photo.

This might fool you, especially if you do not have any idea about online dating. However, you can use Google’s reverse image search feature to know whether you are being fooled. This feature can enable you to view every site with the picture on its database. This way, it makes it easy to know whether the image is connected to more than one name or not. Moreover, if it is, chances are it might be stolen.

4. Keep Postponing In-Person Meeting

The main goal of online dating is to get someone you like and get offline as soon as possible. If you meet a partner and they always have an excuse for why you cannot meet, you need to be wary. Either they are not into you, or they are not whom they claim to be, so they want to scam you.

Many scammers try to involve someone who is in a different country. This way, it makes sense since it will take time before you can go for an actual date. After all, it does not make sense why they would be looking for someone outside their country when they cannot afford to get there in the first place.

5. They Send Generic Messages

When it comes to online dating, time is a common denominator. Most scammers avoid spending their time on their messages or profiles. Therefore, most of the time, you will end up receiving a copy-pasted message and only replace the name of the last person they communicated with.

Did the message mention something from your photo or profile? Like a job, interest, or anything. If they did not, then that is a red flag. Also, take note of what happens when you enquire about their life. If they always come up with general things like spending time with friends or movies, then be cautious. Most online dating scammers like putting off information that make them unique.

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Just because there are scammers on online dating apps and sites, it does not mean you should be scared. Online dating is one of the fantastic ways to meet people, and if you follow the above tips, you can protect yourself from scammers. Stay safe!

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