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7 Quick Tips To Battle Acne And Get Clearer Skin


1. Don’t Squee-zit!

Don’t squeeze, pick or rub your skin either. Squeezing only makes acne worse and can aggravate the skin, even causing scars.

2. Run, Shower, Repeat

Wash as soon as possible after you exercise to remove any pore-clogging bacteria that can build up after sweating.

3. Keep It Clean!

No matter what type of skin you have, it’s extremely important to clean your face every day.

4. Remember To Moisturize!

Not just externally, but internally as well. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure water per day.

5. Scrubbing: Don’t Do It!

When you wash your face, scrubbing too hard can irritate your skin and make it more vulnerable to bacteria.

6. Keep Hair Off Your Face

Cut it, tie it or comb it, but don’t let it hang in your face so much that it adds oil and bacteria to your skin.

7. Eat Whatever (sort of)

There’s no concrete evidence that diet affects acne. But stop eating certain foods if you’re convinced it flares your acne.

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